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How To Plan An RV Road Trip

You seem excited. It must be because you just decided your next trip will be in an RV! You’ve taken the first step, but now what do you do? You don’t even have an RV or campervan—where can you get one and how can you plan the RV road trip of a lifetime? How do…

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5 Gourmet Hot Cocoa Recipes To Keep You Warm While Camping

Nothing quite compares to the warm comfort of sipping from a steaming mug of hot cocoa. The rich chocolatey beverage topped with melting marshmallows is an age-old favorite on chilly nights. But those pre-packaged hot cocoa mixes leave something to be desired—not to mention they’re chock full of artificial ingredients. Mix up your hot cocoa…

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Service On Wheels: Frank and Shelley Dostie

Late one rainy night in southern California, cell phones buzzed across the campground, all receiving the same message. Within a few minutes, people headed out into the dark, chilly downpour. One of their neighbors had a leak in their rig. The community began to rush toward the rig with tools, tarps, and ladders all in…

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Van Life: 40 Hours Of Freedom

When you look at Alex and Sara James’ life now—living in their decked-out sprinter van, traveling while running an online business, enjoying breathtaking backdrops such as a San Diego beach—it’s hard to believe that just a year and a half ago, this husband and wife duo had no idea this lifestyle was possible. Living in…

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How To Prep Your RV For Winter

The fall season has arrived with cooler winds and shorter days. The leaves are putting on their annual show and pumpkin is once again an ingredient in everything. All around us, nature is making its preparations for winter. Squirrels are burying nuts and acorns, geese are flying south, and bears are packing on some pounds…

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Meet Owner Deborah Kane, Founder Of GoCamp

With an enormous fleet and numerous pick-up locations, GoCamp owner Deborah Kane’s whole life seems to revolve around setting people up for great vacations. “Running GoCamp is a full time endeavor,” Deborah says. “GoCamp’s growing fleet includes Eurovans, Vanagons, Sprinters, Mercedes Metris, Nissan conversion vans, and Honda Elements with CVT tents. We have pickups in…

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3 Scenic Drives You Should Take This Winter

The winter months can be a great time of year to take a road trip. National parks are less busy, campgrounds have more spots open, and gas prices tend to be lower. Sure, winter can bring ice and snow to roads, but with a little preparation and planning, you’ll find plenty of places to escape…

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Top 9 Vintage Rigs On Outdoorsy

There’s something innately romantic about an American road trip. Maybe it’s the vastness of our country that captures imaginations, or maybe it’s the freedom of four wheels and a pair of dice dangling from the rearview mirror. Maybe it’s the desire for a simpler time—when gas was cheap, land was undeveloped, and the pace of…

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15 Travel Flicks For The Armchair Adventurer

What’s better than discovering a new destination to add to your bucket list—well, aside from actually going to that destination? There’s joy in the process of finding a new country or city to ignite your travel passion, whether that’s a new island you’d never heard of or just a town on the other side of…

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