I Dream in TAB Teardrop Trailers

Sitting on a U-shaped couch in the middle of a little TAB (aka T@B) teardrop trailers, I had the distinct sensation of sitting in a tree fort. Except just a few feet off the ground. With premium finishes. I was exactly where I wanted to be. You see, I dream in TAB teardrop trailers.

TAB teardrop trailers
TAB teardrop trailers interior with the U-shaped couch.

A man startled me when he poked his head in the door of the TAB teardrop trailers. I cooed at him, “It’s like a doll house!” He snorted. “Yeah, I’m not getting in there!”

TAB teardrop trailers
Check out this amazing Google Map of the Chicago RV Show. You can look inside the TAB teardrop trailers!

I cajoled him in, just to see the greatness of the TAB teardrop trailers (and to see if he could fit). Hunching, he made it in. “Yeah, no,” he muttered and left.

I attended my very first RV show as a grownup last week. (Though, I have dim memory of attending some sort of camping show as a child in the Pontiac Silverdome.) This was my first RV show as an adult with purchasing power and strong interest in details. Last summer, as we camped in an epic heat wave in a tent, my husband threw out his back from sleeping on the ground. It became evident that our tent camping days are numbered. The hunt was on.

TAB teardrop trailers
Note that TAB teardrop trailers official name is T@B. Here we’re using TAB teardrop trailers just to be as clear as possible.

I knew the show would be geared to larger trailers and motorhomes. I mosy’ed around those, poking around just to check out the scene. But I knew where I was headed. My real interest is in a trailer less than 20 feet that will work for my small family. So I zeroed in on TAB teardrop trailers.

There were a few version of the iconic TAB teardrop trailers at the particular booth where I spent most of my time. The Little Guy MyPod is like a spaceship escape pod. Just big enough for two people to lay down in climate controlled comfort on a real mattress, the MyPod was designed to be towed by a motorcycle so for those looking for a simple escape hatch, that’s for sure a good option. However, with my two kids, quarters would be a bit cramped.

This Little Guy is for rent on Outdoorsy. Just $73 a night in Columbia, Missouri.

There was a Little Guy, which is what you think of when you think “teardrop trailer.” This was also still just a bed on wheels, but it gives you space to sit up and read a book or watch TV comfortably if the weather is bad. Again, the kids would make it a snug fit. But I could always make them sleep outside in a tent…

Then there were the two TAB teardrop trailers, which is what everyone was looking at. They are taller than the other models, which means a shortie like me (I’m 5’2″) can stand up comfortably inside the trailer. The TAB teardrop trailer CS-S model has a wet bath, which for many people appears to be a must-have in a trailer. It was a little squeeze to get in the door of the bath for me, and I can’t imagine taking a shower in there, but it was funny to try. The TAB teardrop trailer CS-S model has the kitchen on the outside, which I loved. Keep the cook smells out of the trailer, thank you very much.

TAB teardrop trailers
Interior of the TAB S with a bigger wet bath.

The other TAB teardrop trailer had the kitchen on the inside and also the Outback package, so it had some more rugged details, like burly wheels and diamond plating outside details. The kitchen wouldn’t work for the kind of cooking we do while camping — lots of flame, lots of mess. We’d destroy the interior. But for those who don’t want to have to go outside to brew a cup of coffee or fry up an egg, it might be just the ticket.

Little Guys are built like tanks.

Currently the T@Bs are available in five models, two with outdoor kitchens. Two levels of trims are available for each model type. The TAB teardrop trailers in the Little Guy line are not cheap. An entry-level TAB teardrop trailers is almost twice the price of an entry-level trailer from many manufacturers. But you can clearly see that you get what you pay for. Many of the trailers I stepped into (and jumped right back off of) seemed they wouldn’t last beyond a few camping seasons. The Little Guys are built like tanks. Not a wobble to be found. Obvious quality materials. Obvious good craftsmanship. You’re not fitting a family of four past the toddler stage into one of these cuties, but for two people looking for a super cute super smart trailer, they’re hard to beat.

If you’re interested in trying out a TAB teardrop trailers before you buy, this is a great place to start.

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