7 best experience gifts for couples

Lizzie DragonSeptember 1, 2021

7 best experience gifts for couples

Whether you’ve been together for 3 months or 30 years, new experiences are key to maintaining a strong, healthy relationship. And research has shown that the benefits of experience gifts outweigh that of material gifts. Sure, your wife will appreciate the heart-shaped necklace but gifting an experience can add novelty and deepen a relationship. In fact, according to one study, when participating in recreational activities together, couples release oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.”

So if you’re ready to hop on the love train, here are some experience gifts for couples to give that special someone!

Travel together

Embracing a new environment with someone you love is an experience like no other. According to a U.S. Travel survey, travel:

  1. has long-term benefits for couples
  2. helps maintain and build relationships
  3. ignites romance and intimacy

So what are you waiting for? Hit the road to head for the skies.

RV road trip

What better way to spend some time alone, away from it all, than in a rental RV. Whether you do all the planning or give your lover an Outdoorsy gift card and plan the trip together, you can’t go wrong. Life on the road will give the two of you time to chat and connect in a special way. I mean, who wouldn’t bond over quiet nights spent laying under the stars and days driving through the mountains, blasting your favorite road trip jams from Queen to Taylor Swift. You, the love of your life, and the open road, what could be better?

If you have the time, we recommend renting an RV and hitting up multiple U.S. national parks. That said, an Outdoorsy gift card and a National Parks pass make the perfect combination experience gift, and give you the chance to explore wherever and whenever.

Surprise vacation

What if we told you, you could go on a trip that involves little to no planning on your part? Whether you don’t have time to plan a vacation or you don’t know where to go, Pack Up + Go has you covered.

You only have to do two things:

  1. decide on your budget
  2. fill out a survey

The rest of the work is done for you. This makes the perfect experience gifts for couples like surprises and adventure!

Learn together

Taking a class with your significant other is a gift that keeps on giving. You both learn a new skill that you can integrate into your daily lives, giving you even more to do together! From sushi making to samba dancing, here are some classes you could take.

Cooking classes

Add some spice to the relationship with a cooking class. Learn to make everything from sushi to gnocchi. Taste Buds Kitchen has locations across the U.S. where couples can make high-quality dishes with hands-on instructions. Pop open some bubbly and get cooking! You and one other couple will work together to create three to four dishes, and at the end, you’ll receive the recipe, so you can remake it whenever you’re hungry. And the best part? No dishes to wash!

Dance lessons

Get up close and personal with your partner with dance lessons. Learn everything from the tango to the foxtrot to the cha-cha-cha at a studio like Ballroom Champions in Arizona. You can find dance classes near you with a simple google search. Even with two left feet, you’re sure to have a good laugh and memories of your partner stepping on your toe that’ll last a lifetime.

Art class

Paint, drink, be merry! Though this may not seem like a very interactive couple activity, Karen Melton, assistant professor of child and family studies at Baylor noted, “Couples that were painting turned the activity into a bonding time by choosing to interact — putting an arm around their partner or simply saying, ‘Good job,’”

At places like Painting with a Twist and Pinot’s Pallette, you and your partner can learn to paint, while sipping on some sauvignon blanc and laughing at how your boat somehow looks like a taco.

Enjoy together

You don’t have to take a trip to Greece or master the art of pasta to enjoy quality time together. Sometimes, the simples things, like a night a the theater or a trip to the spa are just enough.

AMC movie pass

Did someone say movie date? With AMC Stubs A-List, you can see up to 3 movies a week throughout the year! And, you never have to worry about blackout days or sold-out shows. Just spending this little time together, holding hands while watching your favorite flicks, can do wonders for your relationship.

Couples massage

Life can get hectic. Take some time for yourselves with a day at the spa. Book a couple’s massage and relish in the benefits of relaxation, like increased intimacy and lowered stress levels. Find good spas with a Google search and great deals for couple massages near you with sites like Groupon.

Give the gift of experience

One of the best parts of a relationship is having someone to share life and all its experiences with. So leave the jewelry store and the shopping mall, and instead carve out some time to spend trying new things and making new memories with the one you love most.

These experience gifts for couples are great for any holiday or celebration! If you’re looking for more experience gifts, check out our other guides:

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