The Crazy Concept RV Everyone’s Talking About From CES

If you watch any of the video coverage of the Furrion ELYSIUM, the crazy concept RV everyone’s talking about from CES, you’ll understand pretty quickly why it turned heads and made journalists take note.

“It’s a 40 foot RV with a helicopter in the back and a hot tub…” What? Did we hear that right? A helicopter?

Watch the entire 5-minute video from Tech Insider that introduces both the ELYSIUM and its Austin Powers-reminiscent founder, Aaron Fidler, and you’ll see the touch screen display and control system for the driver designed in-house. ( I’d love to learn more about that, as car UX design is a rich and fascinating topic.) Then you’ll see the “gourmet” appliances which includes a 4-door fridge, wine cooler,  induction cooktop that is load managed so that you’re not pulling too much energy away from the engine.

crazy concept RV at CES

From there, you learn about some of the little touches, like the DVD player that also broadcasts your movies outdoors, the full fireplace, 75 inch flat screen TV, and a steam room with a steam room shower.

There’s a bedroom that falls away “for the helicopter to sit when you’re not using it as a bedroom.”

The helicopter is probably the most eye-popping element of the RV.


And from there you can see the hot tub which he describes as “usually filled with a lot of young girls.” (Shagadelic and also: ew.)

If you’d like to see more, check out this video from Business Insider. It’s interesting to see how coverage of the ELYSIUM, an RV so extravagant it would make Kanye do a double take, differs from site to site.

Despite lots of coverage about the ELYSIUM feature set, it’s impossible to find the pricetag. A concept vehicle is really more of a publicity stunt than an actual consumer model. Even so…it’s working! And CEO Aaron Fidler mentions being back at CES next year, so we’ll see what’s happened then.

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