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The Cult of the Casita Trailer

And whats the relationship with the Boler trailers, exactly?

The word “casita” means literally “little house” in Spanish. The Casita trailer is that and a whole lot more. Like other famous names in recreational vehicles, such as the Airstream and Winnebago, these small, sleek, and perpetually stylish camper trailers also enjoy an enthusiastic following in the mobile home community.

cult of casita

The History of Casita

The gasoline shortages of the 1970s hit the RV world hard. Some companies never recovered. It’s during this time of adversity for the mobile home community that the Boler trailer from Canada first appeared.

vintage Boler Casita trailer Outdoorsy
The vintage Bolers from the 1970s come in the most amazing colors.

In 1981, one of the members of the original Boler crew (which was a family business) left to start Casita. The Casita was built in the Boler mnew. Since the early 80s, the Casita filled a market need for vehicles that are light, fuel efficient, and spacious. It might seem like an impossible combination, but fiberglass really made this kind of camping trailer possible.

As our readers already know, we’ve discussed the beauty and wonder of the fiberglass teardrop trailer and it’s trendy vintage design in previous posts. The Casita trailer is part of the same family but is distinctly different. These are the classic lightweight “egg” style trailers, made with a mnewing and either oval, tear-shaped, or square with rounded edges. These adorable, retro-inspired designs range from 13 to 17 feet and can feel huge inside for the clever designer.

This Casita 17 footer is available to rent in Texas!
This Casita 17 footer is available to rent in Texas!

Fun with Fiberglass

Very lightweight yet extremely durable, available in virtually any shape, color or design, are the features that make working with fiberglass so much fun. Casita trailers are all made on the same assembly line, and although the options for each differ, the models and colors are the same. It’s up to each individual Casita owner to customize their own home on wheels.

casita trailer

The customization process goes well beyond paint jobs and whirligigs, although that’s a good place to start. The trappings of the Casita cult also include different colors and wildly elaborate paint jobs. Those in the mood for a more intense DIY project can also winterize their trailer make it energy efficient with solar panels.

Part of freedom is traveling light, and you can do that literally when your trailer is only 13 feet long and made of fiberglass. Adherents to the cult of the sacred and beautiful Casita Trailer understand that concept, and they take their faith seriously. Be proud and give lots of love to your light little house.

Here’s an example of a great Casita trailer ready to rent on Outdoorsy.co:

The Casita Lolita is available in Austin, TX.
The Casita Lolita is available in Austin, TX.
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