Lizzie Dragon
by Lizzie Dragon
Posted October 20, 2020

Craving a taste of Italy on your RV road trip? Well, you’re in luck because today’s recipe is skillet pizza!



The only ingredients you need are:

  • dough
  • sauce
  • cheese
  • toppings

WARNING: This content may be mouthwatering.

Let’s get cooking! A delicious skillet pizza awaits you in 11 easy steps.

  1. Grease the skillet with non-stick spray or oil.
  2. Place the dough on the preheated skillet.
  3. Cook for five minutes or until the bottom is golden brown.
  4. Flip the crust.
  5. Spread the sauce.
  6. Add your favorite toppings.
  7. Sprinkle the cheese.
  8. Add more toppings.
  9. Leave on heat until the cheese melts.
  10. Plate your pizza.
  11. Enjoy!



Lizzie Dragon


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