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RV Camping at the Coastal Lighthouses of Oregon

The Coastal Lighthouses of Oregon are a great find for outdoor adventurers. The historic lighthouses dotting the coastline add charm and history to any RV trip. There are some special locations that offer up beachfront and RV camping up close. They can make the perfect setting for those who love hiking, history, and the beach all in one vacation. Even in the summer, the coast can be cool, especially at night, so pack wisely. Here are three Oregon lighthouse state parks that are great for RV road trippers and lighthouse enthusiasts alike.


1.Cape Blanco Lighthouse and Historic Hughes House

Cape Blanco State Park and Historic Hughes House

About 60 miles north of the California border, outside of the town Port Orford, Cape Blanco State Park is the most western point of the west coast of the US. A lighthouse and historic home both can be toured on the state park’s grounds. The lighthouse has a unique Fresnel lens that can be explored by guided tour. Cape Blanco has ocean views, a visitor center, and an RV campground, along with a group campsite on offer if you are traveling with other friends and families. A yearly country music festival is held in the area so be sure to keep this in mind when planning your trip.

2. Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille River Lighthouse

Just north of Bandon, OR, Bullards Beach State Park offers up RV camping by the ocean with scenic views of the historic Coquille River Lighthouse. There are over 100 full hookup sites for RVs within the park that is nearby Bandon, the Coquille River, the Coquille River Lighthouse, and the coast. The lighthouse itself is open to visitors daily for visitors to learn about the area and lighthouse. If your family needs to spread out, tent and yurt camping are available as well.

3. Umpqua River Light

Umpqua River Lighthouse

Further north, the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park is just south of Winchester Bay. There is an overnight campground for RV and tent guests that will keep your family near nature and historical sites. Close to the ocean as well as Lake Marie, this site makes for a great backdrop for an RV vacation. The lighthouse itself is open to visitors and has a museum attached for tourists to enjoy. Built in 1855, the ‘Umpqua River Light’ still stands today and can bring you back in time when functioning lighthouses dotted the coast.

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