A Feel-Good Idea for Your Next Family Vacation

Team OutdoorsyJuly 2, 2016

A Feel-Good Idea for Your Next Family Vacation

While RV times can be some of the best times, adding a short volunteer project to your trip can make the good times even better. Volunteering while you see the world is a time-honored pursuit. Putting in service time allows you to experience a new region of the country in a way not everyone sees. You get to know new people and may decide to make this an annual excursion.


If this idea appeals to you, start by focusing on existing interests – or your kids’ hobbies and interest if you are traveling with children. Volunteering is a super hands-on education that may shape kids’ futures in all kinds of good ways.

Volunteer Opportunities Nationwide

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Cool Works is a great place to kick off this feel-good idea. A comprehensive site for matching your time, talents, interests and desired location, the opportunities are constantly updated. There seems to be something for everyone.

A common volunteer opportunity that pairs well with RV’ing is serving as a camp host. Usually you get to stay free in return for simple duties: collecting other campers’ fees, answering their questions, routine maintenance, pointing visitors to the best fishing spots or hiking trails.

humane society dogs and cats

Of course there are tons of other ways to do good deeds while having a blast. If animal rescue and humane society work are your thing, think about taking some very lucky pooches on a cross-country trek to their new owners. A number of organizations put travelers in touch with dogs that would love to go along on your journey! Often after devastating natural disasters, the affected area must evacuate their animals to foster shelters.


Wherever you live, there are worthwhile organizations that can use your help. Assignments range from a few days to a few weeks. Search by a location you and your family enjoy, or by an activity, such as trail restoration or music festivals or craft fairs or – well, you get the idea.

volunteering kids

Families traveling with children can make family vacations a memorable learning experience in a real-world classroom. Think of your child’s interest: history, sports, and archeology just to start. This feel-good idea can help kids learn the value of giving of their time and energy to an important cause.


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