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Findings From RVIA’s Latest Travel Survey

Americans are taking to the outdoors in record numbers this year, according to the RV Industry Association. A recent survey of current RV owners shows that nearly 25 million people will be traveling by motorhome or travel trailer this spring and summer. On Memorial Day weekend alone, more than 15 million will take to the roads to enjoy their free time in more than 18,000 campgrounds around the country.

Most Affordable Travel Option

Most campers state that affordability of RVing is the main reason they are dusting off their pull-behinds, revving up their generators, and stocking the fridge in their Class Cs to hit the backroads for some rest and relaxation. They realize that the RV lifestyle is a more budget-friendly way to travel these days. And the industry is booming.

Today’s typical RVer is younger and more active, requiring more ways to enjoy outdoor activities while staying connected to technology. And the recreational vehicle manufacturers have been responding with designs and floor plans to meet their needs. Even private campgrounds are adding wifi capabilities, cable television options, and more amenities to entice campers to bring along their smartphones, tablets, GPS, laptops, and satellite systems.

More Adventure

When asked for their top reasons for increasing the number of RVing adventures this year, the survey respondents said:

  •       RVs make taking mini-vacations much easier.
  •       When camping, they have more opportunities to participate in outdoor activities.
  •       They get to spend more time with their families and friends when they camp.
  •       RVing gives them a way to escape the stress and pressure of daily life.


Almost all of those surveyed stated that they are more physically active when they take an RV vacation, as opposed to staying in hotels and lodges. And 68% of those asked said that they RV so that they can take their pets along.

Most Popular RV Activities

Here’s a list of the favorite activities that RVers said they enjoy most when they take their home along with them:

  •       Sightseeing
  •       Visiting state and national parks
  •       Grilling or cooking
  •       Visiting historic sites
  •       Hiking and walking
  •       Visiting family and friends
  •       Attending festivals and fairs
  •       Fishing
  •       Swimming


Why Travel By RV?

When asked why they purchased an RV in the last three years, respondents replied:

  •       To see America
  •       RVing is the best way to travel
  •       To keep active
  •       RVing is the most affordable way to travel
  •       They received bargain pricing on their rigs


Join the Crowd

The word is out: RVing is proving that great vacation getaways can be affordable, relaxing and fun-filled, without missing connectivity, either online or by the campfire. If you are considering testing the camping waters, but don’t want to purchase an RV, why not rent a trailer, motorhome or van from Outdoorsy (www.outdoorsy.com) to find your perfect camper?


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