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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted February 12, 2016

Every musician from Bob Marley to Stevie Wonder, The Beatles to Waylon Jennings, Bob Dylan to Trey Anastasio, Janis Joplin to Madonna, the Rolling Stones to Rage Against the Machine, or Neil Young to Bjork all have a message about freedom and what it means to them.


Freedom Defined & Freedom Vessels

If you look the word ‘freedom’ up in the dictionary you will find several definitions that all describe a sort of carte blanche sensation.  However, for every individual it can mean something different. If you have stubbled upon this piece and you are perusing the variety of ‘freedom vessels’ in the form of 4-axels (or more) for rent from Outdoorsy, then chances are you may define freedom as the “open road”. A common thread amongst the great lyricist mentioned above and you. They too, took to the open road in various ways, in search of defining and spreading the meaning of Freedom.

“And I can’t wait to get on the road again.
On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been.
Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again.”
-Willie Nelson

Freedom of the great US open roads provide 4 million miles of opportunity

One of the greatest components to traveling around the good ol’ U.S.A are the roads. From the coast to coast high-speed Interstate systems to the lonely country highways crisscrossing the Heartland, there is adventure around every bend. Maybe you are someone that prefers the road less traveled and the dirt two tracks beckon you out West, or you get your thrills from the steep grades and sharp turns of a mountain pass. There is said to be nearly 4,000,000 miles of roads in America, which by my calculations also equals more than a lifetime of ‘freedom networks’ for any road warrior to explore.

Choosing to take to the road during your vacation ensures that you will experience countless levels of fun, freedom and adventure that the traveler who chooses to book the all-inclusive resort or guided tours will never bare witness to. The endless roads that one must drive in order to achieve a desired adventure is way more than any man, woman or child can imagine.

IMG_0809 2

You don’t have to rough it

Taking the road less traveled doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Your options for choosing the perfect freedom vessel can come in many different forms. Take this sweet rig for example
or maybe you lean more toward style and grace in which case you can really glamp it up with this beautiful rental.

You have loads of freedom vessels to choose from

Picking out your choice recreational rig is a kind of like shoe shopping. You want to find a really comfortable, well made pair; yet you want it to represent your style and personality. You have thousands of options renting from Outdoorsy to express yourself when rubber meets pavement. Not to mention a great conversation starter at any campground or parking lot on the topic of how sweet your set-up is.


If the idea of taking to the wide open road seeking adventure in your head turning RV doesn’t get your motor running then maybe, you’re more of the practical minded sort. Your grey matter is more focused on the numbers to make this trip the best it can be. Through my own personal experience I can assure you that your pocketbook will also be happy. But instead of taking my word for it, take a peek into what your options really are and decide which type of traveler on a budget you are.

A rental car and motel can’t beat the freedom of a great rig

There is some argument to be made that a tiny rental car and motels can be more cost effective for your vacation. Sure, if you are filling your RV with super-duper premium multiple times a day to cover as many miles as you can possibly cram into a week, then yes, you will feel that expense.  If you have your own bed, kitchen, maybe even bathroom with you at all times then what’s the hurry anyways? You can stop just about anywhere, go at a leisurely pace and still feel at home.  Often major rental car companies have several automobiles that are driven hard and not well cared for.  The fleet of rental options available through Outdoorsy offer the comfort of knowing not only who drove a car before you, but who owns and maintains it, and this can be very reassuring before getting behind a new wheel.

Especially one that comes with a great kitchen

The uncertainty of when the bedsheets were washed last at the cheap motel may cause you more problems then you bargained for upon check in. To be at the mercy of whatever stale bagel, egg, and cheese concoction was laid out for your continental breakfast in hopes to fill your tummy enough until you dine on more beef jerky and granola bars doesn’t satisfy.  Only to later succume to yet another pricy restaurant dinner, gets new fast.


The ability to always have a kitchen with you has been not only one of the biggest ways I save money while on the road, but one of my personal favorite aspects. Along any side of road, rest area, or truck stop I can jump into the rig, and whip up a wholesome meal all while getting my eyes off the road.

#1 reason (after freedom) why you’ll love an RV trip – your home away from home

My other favorite detail (which really is a strong contender for #1 reasons I love an RV trip) is toting around my own commode. Think about it a moment…ok maybe this does not seem like big deal to you and perhaps it never will be. For me, the next time I walk into another gas station bathroom, floor covered in god-knows-what and bonafide urine splatters on the seat or a campground pit toilet swarming with flies and lacking in TP, it will be far too soon.
Sometimes, it’s just those small comforts of home that make a trip so much more pleasurable for the whole family.


Well, I suppose if you’ve read thus far you are still seriously considering a RV supported road-trip. And I commend you. It will truly be one of the most valuable experiences you have chosen to add to your memory bank. Whether you’re in it for a backroads adventure, an inexpensive family vacation, your own personal WC, freedom, or all of the above. One direct side-effect of you being the Captain of your ship is that you will be guaranteed to greet each day in a new and magical place. You will now have the ability to obtain wilderness in a variety of degrees while dragging a warm, comfy bed along for the ride. You will now get to create your very own road trip soundtrack full of epic tunes (feel free to refer back to any of the great musicians listed above for inspiring highway songs).

You will now be powered by the life-altering sensation that is, Freedom of the Open Road.

Team Outdoorsy


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