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Gear Guide: 4 Earth-Friendly Puffy Jackets You Need In 2019

When we think of climate change we think of big oil, coal plants, mining, fracking or plastic bottles clogging up our waterways. But one of the biggest contributors to pollution may be the shirt you’re wearing right now. Clothing, and its distribution, has an enormous carbon footprint. From the harmful dyes and chemicals used to treat textile fibers, to the fossil fuels used to ship your garment halfway across the globe, your clothing may be “dirtier” than you think.

Fortunately, clothing companies and fashion designers are taking note, particularly in the outerwear industry. For those of us looking for a warm, weather-proof winter jacket to take out on a hike or to hit the slopes, there are earth-friendly choices you can make that won’t harm the natural world we love so much. The following sustainably focused companies are making it their mission to manufacture recyclable clothing that will last a lifetime.

This winter, invest in Mother Nature—and a nice puffy jacket—by purchasing from companies that care about keeping the great outdoors around for generations to come.

The Pure Riderz Heavenly Jacket. Image courtesy of Pure Brandz.

Pure Brandz

This Australian based company prides itself on designing fashionable and functional jackets for snow weather. Pure Brandz garments are 100% recyclable and manufactured without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. In addition, the company offers a buy-back program for worn garments. Earnings can apply to your next purchase or go to an earth-friendly charity.

Try the Pure Riderz Heavenly Jacket for fashion and function on the slopes.

Swisswool Piz Bianco Jacket. Image courtesy of Ortovox.


As a clothing company with an extensive line of wool products, Ortovox guarantees the highest quality of animal welfare with their “Ortovox Wool Promise,” which sources sustainable Tasmanian wool and Swiss wool. This German company is a member of EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association), which protects endangered environments worldwide.

Try the Swisswool Piz Bianco Jacket for windproof and water-resistant protection insulated by a cozy wool inner line.

Holden Side Zip Puffer Jacket. Image courtesy of Holden.


For those looking for a winter jacket that goes from mountains to downtown, try Holden. Their sleek line of outerwear is simple, modern, and sustainable. Holden uses both sustainably sourced down feather, and Primaloft insulation, made from 70% post-consumer materials, in their puffy jackets. Rather than treat their fabrics with harmful chemicals, Holden uses S. Cafe, a yarn soaked in coffee grounds which enhances fiber durability and increases drying time.

Try the Side Zip Puffer Jacket for ultimate insulation and easy on-and-off.

Katniss jacket. Image courtesy of Picture Organic Clothing.

Picture Organic Clothing

This organic outerwear company was started by three French powder heads passionate about environmental activism. The company has expanded rapidly in just 10 years, but keeps tabs on its carbon footprint with a carbon calculator for all items of clothing. Picture lines its jackets with leftover scraps of fabric in order to reduce waste. Jackets are treated with Teflon-Ecolight instead of using environmentally harmful perfluorocarbons to attain water-resistance.

Try the Katniss jacket for fashion, warmth, and a custom fit.


For those of us enjoying and exploring the great outdoors in our RV’s, show your love for nature in your consumer choices. Invest in quality over quality and steer clear of fast-fashion. Recycle your clothing when you can. For hefty investments like winter coats, spend your money on companies that keep sustainability at the heart of their mission.

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