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Get To Know Outdoorsy Owner Michael Carriero

Have you ever wondered what you were missing out on when flying from one place to the next? After all, there are so many adventures along the way and often the journey really is just as amazing as the destination.

That’s how we feel anyway, and it turns out that Michael Carriero believes the same. In fact, that’s what led him to purchase his very first RV.


“I hated to fly because we missed so many great places and things along the way,” he says.

Mission: sharing road trips

Many years after his first RV purchase, Michael and his wife Heidi had the idea to share those same road trip experiences with others and make a little money while doing it by renting their rig out when it wasn’t in use. They turned to Outdoorsy to help them with this mission.


“We chose Outdoorsy because of the service and the ability to talk to someone on the phone, person-to-person, when problems arise,” Carriero explains. “Our experiences through renting with Outdoorsy have been great. We feel that Outdoorsy has our back when we rent and has the renters’ backs as well.”

Taking care of renters

Outdoorsy isn’t alone in taking care of people though. Michael loves to give personal attention to each and every guest that uses his RV. “We like to find out as much about the people who are renting as possible and devise a gift basket for their trip,” he says with a grin. “We also take a personal interest in making their trip memorable.”

The payoff

How does taking such good care of your renters pay off? With rental success, of course! Michael was happy to share some details of that success.


“Since we started renting through Outdoorsy, we have made 2-plus years of [RV loan] payments to the bank.” They’ve also been able to pay extra here and there in order to pay off their loan early.

All about Michael

Favorite morning beverage:



Favorite campsite meal:

“Boy scout burger and potatoes in aluminum foil on the coals. I also like to substitute chicken.”


Music you like to play on the radio:

“‘70s classic rock.“


Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:

“Poker to see who cooks, and Yahtzee for fun.”


Favorite season:

“Fall, hands down!”


Last photo you took:

“Grand Tetons”


If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?

“New Zealand! We have a trip planned for April 2019. We would love to rent a motorhome there and travel the Southern Island. The reason is, we have been to most of the states in the USA and its high on our bucket list.”

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