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Posted September 12, 2016
Fort Desoto
Photo credit Michael Johnson, @mikeatsparkys on Instagram

Michael Johnson is a mountain biker, kayaker, pinball wizard who rents out his 2016 Forest River R-Pod 180 on Outdoorsy. He’s the guy you want to ask if you have questions about outdoor life around Orlando, Florida. A veteran Florida camper, Michael works for a bicycle company where they design & manufacture BMX bikes. We asked Michael for some Florida tips that might surprise renters on Outdoorsy.

O: What do you look for in a great Florida state park?

Rainbow Springs Florida
Photo of Rainbow Springs, Florida taken by Michael Johnson (@mikeatsparkys on Instagram)

MJ: In the summertime I focus on the springs — there are over 70 within a day’s drive — freshwater springs that feed the rivers. They’re pretty incredible. A lot of people think Florida is just about beaches, but these freshwater springs are really where it’s at. 

Michael Johnson on one of Florida's amazing paths
Michael Johnson on one of Florida’s amazing paths (Photo credit @mikeatsparkys on Instagram)

Wintertime: mountain biking — one of the best trail systems east of the Mississippi in Ocala — 80 + miles of singletrack with great jump sections, mountain bike festival.

O: What’s the #1 question you’re asked by renters?

MJ: People always want to know where they should go, and they want great beach ideas.  We have those too. I prefer the Gulf Coast, not the East Coast (it’s so much better). I tell them to look for the small town vibe.

O: You mentioned that you have a strange connection to Outdoorsy – what is it?

MJ: A couple of years I bought a domain called I make videos and shoot photos, so it was going to be a place for me to share my knowledge and love of Florida’s freshwater springs and trails.  It may still happen, haha.

O: What do you want people to know about renting from you?

Pinball machine that MJ made in 2014.
Pinball machine that MJ made in 2014.

MJ: I’ve lived here 12 years, so if someone is looking for a cheaper alternative to Fort Wilderness at Disney, I have the answers. I can recommend a campground for just about any adventure that you desire. Also, I’m a great source for someone who isn’t sure where to go to find vintage arcade machines.

Rent Michael’s Forest River trailer, based in Orlando, here.





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