How to Make Money Off Your Stored RV

Team OutdoorsyJuly 30, 2016

How to Make Money Off Your Stored RV

Ask yourself this: how many days per year does your RV sit in storage? If you only use it for a two-week vacation once a year, then the answer is: 350 days. Nearly all year long your RV sits gathering dust, waiting for you to use it. Meanwhile, you’re still paying it off, getting nothing on your return. There has got to be a better way to make money off your stored RV.

There is a way for you to make money off your stored RV.

Make Money off RV in Storage

If there was a way to use your RV every day, that could be one solution to the problem. But what if you could actually make money while you were living your daily work life? That would be even better.

The truth is you can. Make money by renting out your RV all year long. Making it work for you while paying it off. Imagine your own RV paying itself off.

Start with Maintenance

RV Maintanence

Before you do anything, make sure that basic maintenance is done. That includes checking the tire pressure, making sure all fluids are topped off, cleaning the oil and filter, checking to ensure that all of the lights work, the propane tank is full, and the fresh and grey water tanks are rinsed and clean. To that end, any mechanical issues must be taken care of, and the RV must be in 100% working condition.

Generally, most people that store their RVs have this done anyway, but before you make it work for you, always makes sure that all systems work on their own.

Where to Do it

How to Make Money off a Stored RV

Outdoorsy is your next stop. Our network gives you maximum exposure for your RV rental. Simply tap the “List Your RV” button, and you’ll be able to sign up and get your RV onto the site in 10 minutes. What could be simpler?

We’ve organized the site by class: Class A, B and C RVs, travel trailers, fnewing trailers and even fifth wheels. (Check out our Ultimate Cheat Sheet of RV Types to be clear about what each of these categories means.)  Spend some time taking great photos and you’ll see that your work pays off. Soon enough you’ll find yourself defraying the costs of your monthly RV loan payments.

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Start making money off of your stored recreational vehicle. Get it listed on Outdoorsy, the easiest way to make money through renting your RV.


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