Jamie Feinberg
by Jamie Feinberg
Posted June 5, 2019

When you’re an RVer, you get used to seeing a lot of rigs that look the same out there. Visit a dealership, and you’ll see a lot of commonalities – same basic design inside and out, same color palette – you know the routine. But then every once in a while, you’ll drive down the road or walk around the corner at a state park and you’ll see something COMPLETELY different.

These owners weren’t held back by what’s been done before or by what’s conventional. Enjoy this list of 10 unique rigs that make us realize there is no boundary to forward thinking!

Harmony Amphibious RV I Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
Photo courtesy of Travelismo

1. The Harmony Amphibious RV

Debating between a yacht and a luxury RV? There’s a way around that: the Harmony Amphibious RV!

Just like the vintage car/boat hybrids, this design will let you RV on land and on the water. Designed by Weili Feng, it’s also simple and eco-friendly, with hydrogen batteries, a solar paddle to harvest solar energy or act as a sail and a jet drive to propel it across the water. With a kitchen, toilet, sofa/bed, and a large living area, it’s got all your essentials too.

Nau Design Ecco I Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
Courtesy of NAU Design

2. Ecco Camper

NAU Design penned this streamlined, zero-local-emission Ecco Camper concept with a view to encourage people to get away from it all in a whole new way. The Ecco Camper has an expandable roof that integrates solar panels to help with power; the vehicle can also be charged by a standard 240 V outlet. The low to the ground teardrop can accommodate up to five passengers, and transparent panels make for great stargazing. It also includes foldable beds, toilet, and private rear access.

Vast I Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
Photo courtesy of SylvanSport


3. SylvanSport Vast

The SylvanSport Vast is an adventure-minded, hard-sided trailer with oversized European windows, a full liftback tailgate, and sleeping areas for four people. It’s also got a patented all-season, indoor-outdoor sliding kitchen. When you’re traveling, the kitchen fits in the shower area. When you arrive, it unfolds to cooking height and becomes your outdoor kitchen! And most amazingly, you can use it from both inside (in the shower area) or outside your RV.

This isn’t just a concept – they’re planning to deliver this fall, with an expected MSRP in the mid to high $40,000s.

Romotow I Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
Courtesy of Romotow

4. Romotow

What at first looks like a normal, if futuristic, trailer, will morph before you. The center of the camper folds out and you’ll see a deck area. The cabin sleeps four adults, and the unit also includes a spacious bathroom, kitchen, and high-end fixtures.


The world’s first Romotow is currently under construction, and you can follow the project here.

Courtesy of New Atlas

5. Dethleffs e.home Type C Motorhome

This concept combines a zero-emissions powertrain with lots of smart technologies and solar panels across the exterior. It’s larger than some of the electric adventure vans out there. You can learn more about it here.

Courtesy of BeauEr


6. Beauer 3x Trailer

This is an expandable caravan that triples in size due to its telescoping design. Closed, it’s about twenty feet long, which makes it easy to tow and keeps it safe from intruders. It expands to 130 sq. ft. in only 20 seconds. It’s basically three nesting cans which can sleep four adults when expanded.

CaravanBoat I Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
Courtesy of CaravanBoat

7. CaravanBoat

Departure One is a 30-foot long camper sitting on a trailer, with a seawater-resistant aluminum hull. It sleeps four and includes a small shower and sink, room for clothes and gear and a kitchen that’s fairly fully equipped. Pricing starts at $67,448.

Mehrzeller I Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
Courtesy of Mehrzeller

8. The Mehrzeller

Billed as “a new generation of mobile living,” this unique looking caravan uses a multicellular design. Setting out to make caravans cool again, an Austrian company named Nonstandard designed this one.

Courtesy of Marchi Mobile

9. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo

Described as the most luxurious RV in the world, this takes its design from motorsports, aviation, and yachting, with an incredible cockpit, integrated stairwell with a main entry to the living room, electric sliding doors, canopy with lighting and audio and a retractable roof walkway!

KiraVan I Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
Courtesy of KiraVan

10. The Kiravan

What happens when a Disney Imagineer takes a turn designing an RV? That would be the Kiravan. It’s outfitted with 400 lb. Kevlar tires, night vision cameras, and lighting sensors and a pop-up penthouse tent on the top.

Which of these rigs would be your pick if you could rent it for a week? And if you’re ready to rent an RV, you’ll find all sorts of ideas here.



Jamie Feinberg

Jamie Feinberg is a blogger, musician, theater artist and educator traveling the country full-time in her RV. She performs with her husband Ross Malcolm Boyd as they travel, and they co-own Tiny Village Music, offering private music lessons online in guitar, piano, ukulele, voice and more.


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