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A Full Camping Breakfast, One Single Pan

Smart pan, fast cleanup.

camping breakfast pan

We first heard about this ingenious pan when it popped up in our Facebook feed. Our friends at Camping Tricks shared a video of the multi-compartment camping breakfast pan in full action, and we were definitely intrigued.



We needed to know more, so we let our fingers do the walking…all the way to Google, where we discovered the 5-section MasterPan 15-Inch Skillet for sale ourselves.The MasterPan is made of cast iron aluminum, but is covered with a layer of non-stick coating. Depending on how you feel about the non-stick component (wars have been fought for less), that’s either a bonus or a drawback.

MasterPan Inventor Chris MatsakisWe then found the Kickstarter video from Oct 2015 that kicked off this whole craze from a slightly apprehensive Chris Matsakis, described in the video as “Inventor + Cookware Activist.”

The MasterPan sells for $59.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond (congrats, Chris!), which was the best price we could find for it, though we bet we’ll see other knockoff versions cropping up soon enough. MasterPan retailers would like us to think of it for all meals, but as full camping breakfast-obsessed campers, it’s hard to get over those perfect bacon/sausage/egg/hashbrown containers, try though we may.

MasterPan camping dinner
It just doesn’t hit the senses the same way breakfast does…


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