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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted July 27, 2016

If you have RV dreams of summer fun but are unsure about long road trips, you’re not alone. Few look forward to long hours spent on the road, and embarking on the journey in a small family car can be especially daunting.

That may be why so many people turn to the RV lifestyle when they finally have the time to explore the world around them. Retiring and seeing the country has long been a popular daydream for armchair travelers, but how do you know that it is really the right choice for you and your family?

Airstream interior
The interior of Lucy the Airstream. Follow her adventures on Instagram @nomadmmlodge and rent her on Outdoorsy.

It may turn out that you are a natural for the RV lifestyle, and that you truly enjoy tooling down the road with the kids in a vehicle much larger than the one you are used to driving. On the other hand, you may find that hitting the road in an RV is more of a one-time indulgence or once in a while pastime. In that case, you will probably be glad that you embarked on your first adventure in a rented RV instead of buying one for yourself.

There are countless advantages to enjoying your next summer road trip in a rented RV. Perhaps the most important is that renting an RV for your next getaway gives you a chance to see if the lifestyle is right for you – in essence renting an RV for your next road trip means you can try before you buy.

Renting can also give you a chance to test drive a vehicle and see if it is the right choice for you and your driving expectations. Driving an RV can be a lot of fun, but it is very different than tooling down the highway in a family sedan. The turning radius is larger, the handling characteristics are different and backing can be a challenge – at least until you get used to it. By renting the RV you can get used to the sensation of driving such a large vehicle without the pressure to buy or worrying that you have made a costly mistake.

RV travel with family
By @RV Family Travel Podcast. Check out their show for great travel ideas, and follow them on Facebook for amazing photos like this one.

The summer season is the perfect time for those long family road trips, but you do not have to buy an RV to enjoy RV dreams as the warm weather is here. Hitting the road in a rented RV means you get to enjoy family togetherness and create a lifetime of memories, all without making a major monetary commitment or worrying that you have made the wrong choice.

Trying to figure out how to rent an RV in a fast, fun, easy way?  Trying searching on Outdoorsy. We give you a wide variety of options to choose from, and simplify the process to make your dreams…doable.



Team Outdoorsy


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