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Meet Owner Juan Sandoval

“Imagine being part of something that brings family together to make memories.”

This is what Long Beach, Calif.-based Outdoorsy owner Juan Sandoval imagined when he started thinking about renting his RV, and he loved the thought.

“I started looking into Outdoorsy because I had been looking for something to do when I retire from plumbing,” Sandoval explains. “[Outdoorsy] felt like a perfect fit.”  

Juan Sandoval | Outdoorsy
Juan Sandoval, center. Image courtesy of Juan Sandoval.

Sandoval, a traveler at heart, adores seeing the country with his family and his pups. “I purchased the RV about two years ago to travel with our three small dogs,” he says, explaining the reasoning behind their purchase. “We loved to travel, but our pet sitters told us our dogs would howl with sad looks on their faces while we were gone.” 

RV travel turned out to be the perfect solution.

Juan Sandoval | Outdoorsy
Image courtesy of Juan Sandoval.

“It was a great investment—not only for the dogs, but also for our family,” Sandoval says. “The purchase led to vacations on the river or lakes with sandy beaches instead of pools with concrete all around.” 

“We love the fact that when we’re camping, we can plan out meals and don’t have to go anywhere to eat. We also love to start campfires with chairs all around and sing our favorite tunes as a family,” he says, adding that he sees camping as an “amazing family-friendly outdoor experience.”

Juan Sandoval | Outdoorsy
Image courtesy of Juan Sandoval.

His investment in the RV also led to his thriving Outdoorsy business, of course, something Sandoval has had great success with.

“A couple of days after listing my rig, I was working leads—[and] 30 days later, after just three renters, I had netted $1,300 bucks,” he says, the enthusiasm palpable in his voice.

So, how did he find so much success so quickly? According to Sandoval, it was easy.

“With Outdoorsy recommendations on its website and the way it’s setup, it’s basically a business in template form,” he explains. “You just work your leads and provide your rig. Best of all, it’s all worry-free due to the insurance they provide.”

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