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Most Extreme: Rough & Tumble RV Rentals On Outdoorsy

Are you itching to get out there? How about way out there?

Want to take your RV into places where you won’t see another human for days? Don’t want to miss out on a single scenic drive? Outdoorsy has you covered. Check out these tough, rugged, and ready-to-rent rigs on Outdoorsy.

Hulk smash!

Everything about this 1983 Ford E-150 says “rough and ready.” The grill guard could stop a charging rhino, and the jacked up suspension will laugh at ruts, rocks, and other obstacles. The interior of this monster is no-nonsense, but don’t let that fool you. It’s been designed to keep you safe and comfortable in all weather. The owner has heavily customized the Hulk with serious insulation including covers for all the windows.

Hidden within is a massive marine battery that can power the hulk for a week without running the engine. It sports a seriously beefy V8 engine and all kinds of weatherproofing on the fuel lines and mechanics. Just don’t make it angry—you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry!

Rent the Hulk in Vancouver, Washington for $200 a day.

Rough and Tumble RV Rentals | Outdoorsy RV Marketplace

Roughing it, Mercedes style

It’s the glamping king of 4X4 RVs. Normally the brand makes you think of caviar rather than sandbars, but this 2017 Mercedes Sprinter is fully ready for off-road adventures while still keeping you in the lap of luxury.

Leather seats will keep you cozy and comfy on long voyages. The interior is highly modular with rails so you can equip it for additional passengers or cargo. The extensive roof rack can be used for cargo, or as a viewing platform or party deck. At 22 feet high, it’s one of the longest and roomiest of these extreme off-road RVs.

Rent the Sprinter in Salt Lake City, Utah for $275 a day.

Rough and Tumble RV Rentals | Outdoorsy RV Marketplace

Private Gobi reporting for duty

If you really want to go nearly anywhere, and don’t mind a bit less comfort, Private Gobi is ready to take you on a wild adventure. This 2017 Jeep Wrangler has been outfitted with a premium quality pop-up tent on the rooftop. Getting camp set is as easy as parking the Gobi and popping up the tent. Go anywhere and be right in the middle of the action. It also makes a great blind for bird watching or wildlife photography. You might not think it, but it even includes a cooktop and refrigerator, so it’s a true RV, not just a Jeep with a tent on top.

Rent Private Gobe in Denver, Colorado for just $140 per day.

Rough and Tumble RV Rentals | Outdoorsy RV Marketplace

Go into the wild overland

“Into the Wild Overland” is actually the model name of this awesome little travel trailer. If you already have your own 4X4 truck and want a portable campsite, this is the trailer you can take into any terrain and have camp set up in minutes. This little guy is built for off-the-grid camping with solar power and its own battery system. It also has a built-in sink, fridge, stovetop, and an outdoor shower. Large awnings let you sit outside in the blistering sun or rain. Inside is a queen bed, USB ports, cabinets, and a furnace for cold nights. It includes all the hitching gear you need to tow it across any terrain.

Rent the Wild Overland in Arvada, Colorado for just $140 per day.

Rough and Tumble RV Rentals | Outdoorsy RV Marketplace

Charge into adventure with the Rhino

You can tell by reading their description of it that the owners of the Rhino love this 1991 GMC Verdura Motorhome. On the outside, it looks like its namesake, ready to charge into any situation and come out smiling. On the inside, it is all about creature comforts.

It may not have the sparkle of the Mercedes, but the huge, soft bed will keep you warm and happy. When driving, the leather captains make driving a pleasure. It’s got a killer stereo system and a full entertainment suite built in. You will be happy campers no matter what deep backwoods adventure you choose to go for. It’s beauty and the beast, all rolled into one.

Rent the Rhino in Salmon, Idaho for $225 a day.

Rough and Tumble RV Rentals | Outdoorsy RV Marketplace

The high flying Campers Hawk

This 4X4 RV is a real work of art and engineering. Built on the chassis of a Ram 2500, it manages to include nearly every feature of a full-size RV, in a vehicle only slightly larger than a full-size truck. You have ample storage, enough room to stand up in, a queen bed, stove, sink, dinette, fridge, furnace, interior shower, and interior toilet.

Outside, it has a built-in air compressor, full winch, full spare tire, and lots of other goodies. About the only thing it doesn’t do is turn into an airplane. But you hardly need it as it can drive just about on any road you will encounter. It comes loaded with useful maps, guidebooks, games, and nearly everything else you could possibly need.

Rent this work of art in Fruita, Colorado for $250 a day.

Rough and Tumble RV Rentals | Outdoorsy RV Marketplace

Welcome to the jungle

They call this monster the Bengal Tiger. This vehicle is a bit larger than Hawk in just about every dimension, but it likewise manages to pack in just about every feature you would find in a Class C RV with Class B size. It can drive on rough forest roads and other places normal RVs fear to go.

It’s got an interior shower and toilet, all the usual amenities and a nice comfortable wood styling. Solar panels help you keep charged while living off the grid. The folks that rent this lovely critter have a large range of extras they will provide for a fee, including mountain bikes, an extra freezer, tents, and more—everything you need for a wild adventure.

Rent this purrrfect RV in Wheat Ridge, Colorado for $300 a day.

Rough and Tumble RV Rentals | Outdoorsy RV Marketplace



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