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Tips for Attending Music Festivals in an RV

Music Festivals are a great way to experience a variety of performers, and they are social events in themselves which make them perfect for an RV. The most convenient and fun way to experience them is often by camping on-site in a tent or RV, allowing you to get the full festival experience and not worry about having too much to drink or missing your favorite performer because you’re stuck in traffic.

At many festivals, there are special gatherings to socialize, eat and drink before or after the day guests visit. This is a definite perk of staying on-site. Here are some tips to make attending a festival in an RV the best weekend ever.

Music Festival | Outdoorsy
Get in on the fun at a music festival near you. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Festival tips for RVers

1. Pack well and thoroughly

First of all, these festivals are outside. And you’re camping. Prepare for bugs, sun, rain, heat and whatever else you might encounter outdoors. So, your packing list should include bug spray and sunscreen. And you’ll probably want a raincoat or a poncho, comfortable clothes in layers, a great camping chair and anything else you like having on hand when you’re hanging out outside. Think about bringing a flashlight or a headlamp too, to navigate back to your site in the dark. And at many festivals, if it rains, things will get muddy, so keep that in mind when you’re packing shoes. Pack well to set yourself up for success and comfort!

2. Make sure your RV is well-equipped for music festivals

Some festivals offer hookups on site, or at least electric, but at most festivals, you’ll be dry camping. Stock up on propane and make sure your house batteries are fully charged. Be sure to get groceries and some extra water before you come, and fill your tank with water before you arrive. If you haven’t boondocked much, consider a dry run in your driveway to make sure you’re ready to go! Are you worried about your vehicle battery over the weekend? Maybe a pair of jumper cables would be a good idea. Renting? Pick out a rig here, and be sure to ask the owner if you have any questions about living in the RV without hookups, if that’s your plan.

3. Don’t bring any restricted items

Read the fine print on what is and isn’t allowed at the festival you’re attending. That could include weapons, glass bottles, fireworks, pets and illegal substances. Do your homework before you leave so that you’re prepared to cook & socialize legally!

Find the right festivals

Here are a few of the most popular music festivals, with a few tips for attending them.

Guitarist at Music Festivals | Outdoorsy
Photo courtesy of Pexels

Sasquatch Festival (George, Washington)

Held Memorial Day Weekend, Sasquatch is hosted at The Gorge, an amphitheater built into a cliff on a river! General camping is very inexpensive, but there are lots of upgrades to consider. Prepare for a long walk to the stage from your camper and know you’ll need to pay for showers if you haven’t upgraded to one of the higher tiers. Is your RV longer than 40 feet? You’ll need to upgrade your pass.

Bonnaroo (Manchester, Tennessee)

This is one of the United States’ largest music festivals, with about 140,000 people participating! There are a variety of camping areas acting as mini-cities, each with bathrooms and drinking water as well as LED lighting to help you find your way. Attendees love the sense of community here. Prepare for a long walk to the stage. Need power to get you through the festival? No problem, but it will cost you about three times the price! Parking your RV without electric will run you $250 – add electric and you’re looking at $750 for 30 amp or about $50 more.

Coachella (Coachella Valley, California)

You have twice the chance to experience this legendary lineup, because they offer it over two weekends in April now.

Offerings include private showers, chair massages, wifi, phone charging lockers and even fresh produce. Definitely read the rules about what you can and can’t bring in. No musical instruments, for instance, if you aren’t performing in the festival. On site camping here is basically car camping. You can bring your RV if you can fit it, but it’s a small space. So you may prefer to stay off site. However, if you’re compact, why not give it a go?

Attending music festivals in your RV is a fantastic way to experience a weekend of music and community. Plan ahead, purchase early (to save money) and prepare for everything, and you’ll have a wonderful experience. Need to rent an RV for your trip? Here’s where you can get started.

Not sure what festival you’d like to attend? Use our 2017 Guide to Music Festivals to get you started!


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