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Posted April 8, 2017

For fans of high speeds and impressive cars, a Nascar RV vacation is heaven on earth.You can camp out right next to the action! From the thrill of watching races from your camper roof to the fun-loving crowds, there is always something exciting going on when camping at a Nascar race. That said, there are a few things a person should know before heading to the next big race. Check out the tips below to ensure your Nascar adventure is everything you are hoping for.

Reserve Early

RV camping at Nascar events is a popular pastime. Therefore, it is imperative that you reserve your site early. This is especially true if you wish to go all-out and experience infield camping. However, for some of the more popular races, even securing a spot at a relatively close RV park may prove difficult.

Purchase Tickets

Don’t forget to get your tickets early as well. It would really stink to reserve a campsite only to realize you forgot to get tickets. This situation becomes even more terrible if the race has snew out completely. Buying early means you can ensure you avoid this problem.

Pack for Restricted Patio Space

While you might be accustomed to setting up camp with awnings, tables, and camp chairs, this is not always possible during Nascar events. Depending on where you camp, there is a good chance you will be staying pretty close to your neighbors. Because tiny campsites mean less space, you might want to skip the outdoor furniture for this particular adventure.

Bring the Generator

If you have a generator, be sure to bring it and plenty of gas to go with it. Many of the campsites nearest the Nascar races do not include hookups of any sort, and this will mean you’ll have to provide any electricity you may need yourself. A generator can work wonders for helping to keep you comfortable.

Rest Up

Because Nascar race attendees tend to be a fun-loving, partying kind of crowd, and because there is a good chance you will be crammed into pretty close corners, you aren’t likely to get a lot of sleep during your Nascar adventure. Therefore, you will definitely want to rest up before you head out.

Leave the Kids at Home

No kids in sight!

While your Nascar camping trip may seem like a fantastic time to introduce little Jimmy to the wonders of the racing world, there are many people who recommend against bringing young kids along. The rowdy crowds, close quarters, and lack of sleep can all make parenting pretty stressful during these kinds of events. Leaving the kids at home–with a friend or relative to watch them, of course–will likely make your trip much more fun overall.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is always important. Unfortunately, during fun events such as Nascar, far too many people forget to hydrate. This can lead to all kinds of problems. In order to avoid these issues, be sure to have water bottles handy at all times and pack more water than you think you’ll need.

With these tips in mind, search for the perfect RV for your own RV Nascar vacation. We just know you’ll have a blast!

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