Geoff Nudelman
by Geoff Nudelman
Posted March 5, 2021

It’s getting harder than ever to back away from the constant electronic intrusions of daily life in our modern world. 

Emails always dinging, non-stop texts, and one push notification after another make a full unplugged getaway seem like a far-fetched dream, but rest assured, it is possible. 

That’s where the National Day of Unplugging comes in. The celebration of analog life has evolved into a larger embrace of stepping away from modern amenities and enjoying time spent together. Whether it’s merely turning off the TV for an evening or getting out of the monotonous routine with an RV or van-based road trip, there are ample ways to recharge your own batteries by unplugging others. 

General unplugging tips 

These are a few easy things you can do to begin the process of unplugging. You might even like them so much that they become a part of your regular routine. 

  • Plan to put the “Out of Office” notification on and keep it that way: There’s a reason auto-reply exists. Plan a time to really be “out of the office” and commit not to check any work-related emails, texts, or calls. Barring a few jobs that really need to be on 24/7, all of that work will be there when you return. 
  • Put away your phone at the dinner table: It’s so easy to surf social media while eating dinner, even if your whole family is right next to you. Make it a point to use mealtime to reconnect and have a real conversation with loved ones and even institute a no-technology rule to keep everyone on track. 
  • Don’t forget the pen and paper: Writing things down on real paper instead of on a note app or tablet adds a sense of physicality and realness to the task at hand. The simple act of writing, as opposed to typing, can help jumpstart some of those lesser-worked parts of the brain and gives your eyes crucial off-screen rest as well. 

How an RV rental can truly help you unplug 

Reserving an RV, van or trailer offers the ultimate flexibility to plan a road trip to a favorite campground or a new discovery, free from all of the busyness of modern life. It’s an opportunity to unwind, relax and refocus on the things that really matter.

Outdoorsy owners and their rentals can help with that. Some of the most popular rentals are the simplest – those with very little modern technology, or none at all. 

For example, this 1993 Mitsubishi Delica is a step back two decades with enough room for you and a friend with few bells & whistles beyond a generator-powered refrigerator. (Right-hand drive is a fun twist for those ready to take the plunge.)

If that seems a little *too* unplugged, there are plenty more options made this century, like this converted NV2500 van, which has more creature comforts and the ability to charge a few essential items (should you need them). 

Generally speaking, smaller RV, van, and trailer rentals have less technology and offer the opportunity to unplug more easily. A teardrop trailer usually has just a bed and a minimal outdoor kitchen setup, while a pickup truck with an installed rooftop tent has just a place to sleep, and all of your analog living can be done at ground level. 

There are few better comforts on a weekend away than sitting near a roaring fire, watching the stars above, or listening to the whistles of nature from a tent late into the night. 

Add a couple of board games, a favorite book, art supplies, or a deck of cards and you’ll find yourself lost in the wonders of unplugging, wondering why it took you so long to power down in the first place. 

Ready to step away and unplug? Check out all of the great RV, van, and trailer options available to rent near you

Geoff Nudelman


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