How the Nicest Family in San Diego Built Their RV Rental Business

Team OutdoorsyApril 14, 2017

How the Nicest Family in San Diego Built Their RV Rental Business

Wyatt Billingsley is a bright presence in the Outdoorsy RV Owner Community, always ready to help others as he builds his own RV rental San Diego. When Wyatt recently came to our first owner meet up in San Dimas, we got to ask him some questions about himself and his family to learn more about what he’s doing to build his own side gig renting out their family RV on Outdoorsy. Here’s what we learned from Wyatt, in his own words!

“I’m retired military, and with my background, I was looking for a way for my family and I to spend time together experiencing nature (with the added benefit of a comfortable bed at the end of the day). We rented an RV on a lark and we immediately fell in love with the idea of owning and renting out our own.”

We bought a Class A Fleetwood Southwind. It was the perfect size for our family vacation, so we figured it would be for others, too!

“We went to the dealership knowing that we planned to rent out our new vehicle on Outdoorsy. After searching for the right fit, Outdoorsy fit the bill as the rental platform in every department. The insurance offering alone was something that we could not find anywhere else. After joining Outdoorsy, the busy rental tempo and the great Outdoorsy community has kept us very pleased with our decision.”

I always tell my renters to check out Williams, Arizona. One of our favorite trips was to Williams for Christmas.

The joy on my children’s faces when we pulled into camp was priceless. The excitement to explore a new wilderness everywhere we stop will never get new. That trip really solidified our love for the RVing life and showed us that our dream of affordable adventuring was attainable. I can’t wait to pay off off my RV and buy another. I’m actually planning to buy a a second and third RV to rent out, and Outdoorsy will help me do that!

Team Outdoorsy, Outdoorsy Author

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