Oklahoma City Owner Meetup

Oklahoma may be known for the wind that comes sweeping down the plains but our venue and owners here were anything but plain! We cozied up upstairs near the Tower Theater to enjoy some famous Empire Slice pizza and wine while owners from Tulsa to Geranimo shared tips and renter stories all night long. By the end of the night everyone was swapping business cards and ready to start planning our next get together!

The biggest piece of product feedback we took away is owners need more help getting their listing dialed in during the first listing process. They want tips and tricks on how to take great pictures and write a great listing description.

Favorite quote from the evening: “We’ve got someone here from every corner of Oklahoma tonight!”

If you snapped any pics, make sure to share them using the hashtags #OutdoorsyMeetups #NeverIdle — we’d love to see them.

Want to attend an Outdoorsy Meetup? We’re taking a year long road trip throughout the U.S. to meet as many of you as we can—we’ll bring the pizza and beers. Keep your eyes on your email and—if

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