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CNN: Outdoorsy’s a Great Way To Earn Cash On Your RV

It's low stress, too.

A few weeks ago, CNN visited the Outdoorsy here in San Francisco. They were here to tell the story of Outdoorsy.co, a great way for RV owners to earn cash on your RV. Over the weekend, the segment aired on CNN Newsroom as a centerpiece of their Wander Must series. Watch the video and remember why Outdoorsy.co is the best place to rent out your RV and earn extra cash in a safe, fully insured environment. Visit our List your RV page to get started.


Video Transcript

This San Francisco company is being called the Airbnb of the RV world. With Outdoorsy, that’s their name. You rent rvs directly from the owners all across the country. Check out this form of travel. Can be fun for the family and fairly easy on the wallet.
Jen Young: “We believe that everybody should have the choice and access to get outdoors spend time with family and friends and see America as it was meant to be seen on the great roads. I think Outdoorsy is perfect for the first-time RV roar road warrior as well as the veteran RVer. All online renters are matched up with RV owners so they can get anything from a travel traile to  an A-frame to a pop-up trailer to a Class B or Class A – those huge Class A’s. The site provides one-stop shopping from searching to finding to booking to making payments to sharing a review to coming back again and building a relationship with the owner of your favorite RV. I think Outdoorsy is perfectly suited for families on a budget. You want to have a great holiday vacation: going to music events, sporting activities, or just hiking through national parks RV travel just generally is considered to be less expensive than other forms of vacation travel. In our world you take your hotel with you.”
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