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Owner Of The Week: Dave Carvajal

6 Completed Rentals
$1,500 Money Made
Owner Rating
3 Reviews

Dave Carvajal is a family man through and through, and camping with his family is a favorite pastime of his.

“My family and I enjoy camping or just taking long weekends to the beach or mountains,” he says. “We were RV renters once, and we enjoyed the experience so much we decided to purchase an RV and share our experiences by renting it out. It’s a great way to offset my payments while letting families make great memories with our RV.”

“When we rented that one time, my daughter had her fifth birthday while we were camping,” Carvajal shares with us. “We had a little cake for her there, and the camping community was so awesome. Our camp neighbor helped us make our little girl’s birthday very memorable by celebrating with us. I hope my RV brings the same enjoyment and creates great family memories as we have in our experiences.”

Seeing as he was once a renter, Carvajal knows how to treat his customers. “I like to think I offer a turnkey RV,” Carvajal explains. “We include just about everything that a family would need to go RVing with. This keeps the guesswork out for those less experienced in the RV world.”

Of course, part of offering great service is finding a great rental platform. Outdoorsy has been just that for the Carvajals. “The Outdoorsy community has been great—both the company and the renters,” he says. “I’ve recommended Outdoorsy to everyone I’ve met that’s been on the fence about renting out their RV, and for those looking to start the RV lifestyle.”

“The website is very user friendly, and the customer service has been great to deal with,” he adds. “The mobile app is huge for me, and I can respond to new renters quickly without missing a beat. Best of all, I got my first booking less than a month from my initial listing, and I have earned $1,500 in 6 months.”

All about Dave Carvajal

Favorite morning beverage?

Favorite campsite meal?
“Burgers and hotdogs”

Music you like to play on the radio?
“Easy listening”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite? 
“Kids love ‘eye spy’ on the road, and we enjoy playing UNO.”

Favorite season?
“Fall. We enjoy the change in season.”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal?
“The eagle, just being able to soar above and see it all.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?
“Across the country — we’d love to see what this great country has to offer.”

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