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Owner Of The Week: Eric Bowman

Seeing all of the national parks in the country may seem like a lofty goal, but that is precisely what Eric Bowman and his wife Tonya set out to do when they purchased their RV.

“We both love travel and adventure, we love the freedom of the open road,” Eric explains. “Visiting all the national parks is high on our bucket list. We feel that seeing them in our RV gives us a home away from home.”

They started out strong on their national park-hopping mission with an amazing inaugural adventure.

“Our maiden trip is still our favorite. We visited five national parks ‪in 14 days‬, but what really stuck out was passing through Pagosa Springs, CO on our return trip. It was a town out of a storybook, including hot springs, a bridge crossing a beautiful river, and ‪three elk standing roadside. I recall saying, ‘Wow! We should retire here.’”

Inside look at Eric Bowman’s Class A RV.

Despite their dream of seeing every national park, the couple knew they couldn’t be on the road all the time. They would need to return to their home base between trips to live their lives, so the idea of renting came up. Bowman recalls, “We discussed the possibility of renting in-depth and went back and forth with it for a while before giving it a shot. The deciding factor was that we loved the idea of offsetting our expenses and increasing our travel budget while giving others an opportunity to experience life and travel as we do.”

The bedroom area.

“We chose Outdoorsy for name recognition, marketing, ability to reach renters, the convenience of the app, and the insurance coverage that protects our investment,” Eric tells us. “Once our photos were in place, we had several inquiries and then several confirmed rentals within a week or so. In the six months we have been on Outdoorsy, we have had 6 rentals and have made around $6,000.”

“We hope our RV gives others the ability to enjoy traveling as much as we do,” Bowman says. “We are fortunate with our work schedules and travel fairly often. Many folks get that only one week a year, and they should make it count. We are happy to be able to provide a way for them to make it to their destination but hope they enjoy the experience of the journey there.”

All about Eric Bowman

Favorite morning beverage:
“Coffee (lots of it).”

Favorite campsite meal:
“Anything on the grill. Things like steak and veggies.”

Music you like to play on the radio:
“Our music changes with our mood and destination. Sometimes ’80s and metal; other times you could catch us playing outlaw music or rap.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:
“We look up obscure roadside attractions to visit along the way, which keeps it fun. Once we are parked, we are off to explore at sunrise and usually get back at dark. We eat, sleep, and do it again. You can play games anytime — we would rather spend our time seeing things we may never see again.”

Favorite season:
“We tend to love them all. Seeing somewhere in a different season is like seeing it again for the first time.”

Last photo you took:
“South Rim at the Grand Canyon.”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal:
“We are both Texans and our zodiac sign is Taurus, so our spirit animal has to be a bull.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?

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