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Owner Of The Week: John Duncan

John Duncan is an active duty member of the military and has been for 16 years. In our opinion, anyone who works that hard helping others deserves a break once in a while, and as far as John is concerned, purchasing an RV was the ideal way to sneak in a break now and again. “I have always enjoyed camping and had always wanted an RV so we could save money from having to stay in hotels while on vacation,” Duncan tells us.

This all makes sense, but what’s the point in letting a perfectly good RV sit around when you’re not using it? Instead, John decided to put his investment to work for him and starting looking for a place to rent his rig. “Outdoorsy was the first site I saw that RV owners could list their RVs for rent,” he recalls. “My first rental was in May 2018 for two nights, and then I had a three-hour turnaround for my second rental, which was for six days.” These were followed by many more successful rentals. As Duncan puts it, “The RV came back in the same condition as when it left.”

So far, John has made about $4,000 on the Outdoorsy site, and since his RV is paid off, every penny of that is profit. His debt-free situation is wonderful because it means he has a major advantage. “I only have a nightly charge, plus a delivery charge if a potential renter requests delivery,” John explains. “I do not need to have any other charges because my RV is paid for. When I listed my RV on Outdoorsy, the website told me I could charge $170 per night, but since my RV is paid off, I chose to lower the nightly charge to $130.

“I do feel safe renting my RV using Outdoorsy,” Mr. Duncan shares with us. “In my opinion, the policies are basic policies to cover the renter and myself as the owner.  Constant communication between the renter and myself throughout the entire rental process makes me feel safe. I especially love the text message feature Outdoorsy has in place because it saves so much time for both the renter and myself in communicating with one another.”

All About John

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee and OJ.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Steak or anything cooked over the campfire.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “Country music—‪George Strait‬ and Alan Jackson‬, for example.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Playing with my 3-year-old son.”

Favorite season: “All seasons, but fall would be #1.”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal? “I’m not sure…I would say an elk or bison…I’m laid-back and easygoing.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “We have accomplished our travel dreams and are still fulfilling others. We have taken our RV to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore in the summer of 2017, and just this past summer we traveled into Canada and stayed at the Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch in Golden, British Columbia for five nights visiting the national parks and the ‪Calgary Zoo‬. The Canada trip was paid for by some of the money I made from my rentals!”

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