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Owner Of The Week: Justin Sherrard

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Outdoorsy owner Justin Sherrard is a man with a plan. He knew before purchasing his RV that he would rent it out for business purposes, and this strategy has worked amazingly well for him.

“We bought the RV with the intention of renting it out, to help others enjoy their trips in comfort and make lasting memories,” Sherrard shares with us. “We haven’t even used it yet, as it has been so busy being rented out.”

The fact that the Sherrard family hasn’t taken this rig out yet doesn’t mean Justin is inexperienced in the world of camping though.

“I remember as a young teenager I would go camping all the time back in England, in the [North Yorkshire] countryside where I grew up,” he recalls. “I would always be excited for breakfast, as we would keep the bottles of milk in the stream to keep them cold (colder than most RV fridges!) and for me there’s nothing better than a drink of cold milk in the morning, afternoon or evening.” 

“It’s weird how it’s the memory of keeping the milk in the stream that triggers the other memories of camping as a child,” Sherrard says. “We would hike all over, rock climb, and then repel up and down some of the steepest cliffs in England — and it was a blast! I hope to be able to help others create similar memories by letting them use our camping trailer.”

The trailer this savvy businessman picked out couldn’t be any more perfect for the job. He chose a 2019 Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH, and the renters love it.

“I did research and found that a 21-foot camping trailer was the optimal size for towing — and at its weight of 3,700 pounds, most SUVs and trucks can pull it easily. That, coupled with the fact that it has all the nice amenities of larger trailers and can sleep up to six people … it seemed like the perfect choice!”

To build upon this smart business decision, Sherrard decided to list his trailer on Outdoorsy.

“I like the Outdoorsy platform and that they aren’t overly greedy with their commission rate and other charges,” he explains. “I’m quite happy to pay the 20 percent to them since they provide exceptional service and give me, the owner, a massive chance to grow a business without having to do any of the heavy lifting work required when starting a business. I had heard this about them prior to choosing them, and haven’t been disappointed yet.”

Sherrard started getting rental requests just days after listing his rig on the platform, and has made over $4,000 in only 2 months of renting! Best of all, he is able to make the dream for his camper a reality.

“I hope our camping trailer allows others to go where they otherwise might not have gone — to experience things they might not otherwise have experienced, and to create lasting memories with their loved ones,” he says. “I mean, who can put a price on lasting memories?”

All about Justin Sherrard

Favorite morning beverage:

Favorite campsite meal:
“Eggs & bacon.”

Music you like to play on the radio:
“Top hits, followed closely by Country.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:

Favorite season:

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal?

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?
Everywhere. Every state. Every national monument. Every national park. Then I would head up to Canada and do the same.”

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