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Owner of the Week: Lauren Levig

Being from Idaho means you are surrounded by gorgeous wilderness. This is why Lauren Levig first decided to get an RV.

“Traveling with young kids, I wanted to be able to see more of our wild area,” Lauren said. “We live so close to amazing wilderness but I wanted the comfort of knowing we would be safe from our local bears, mountain lions, moose, elk, and other large animals.”

Of course, purchasing the right rig is important. The Levig family chose a lovely class C, and had some great reasons for doing so. Lauren explained, “We wanted a vehicle we could travel in and use the restroom in case a potty training toddler needed to go stat!

“However, we’ve found it is very convenient for more than just that while driving. My husband wanted a 4×4 Sprinter conversion for winter use as well, but it would have been so cramped with two kids, two adults, and a Great Pyrenees dog, so here we are and we love our choice!”

With such an awesome rig in her possession, it just made sense to put it to good use. Therefore, when Outdoorsy reached out to Lauren asking if she’d like to rent her RV, she went for it and the results were wonderful. “I found that the vast majority of clients Outdoorsy obtained for me were the type I like to rent to,” Lauren said. “Not only that, I had a listing with the exact same verbiage, pictures, and pricing on another rental site and I only got a couple of hits and no bookings. Within a few days of listing on Outdoorsy I had my first booking. I rented from June through August, and in that time $4,705.22 was deposited into my bank account.” 

Growing your fleet tends to be the next step for owners who see such success, and Lauren has considered going that direction. “I just have one RV for now, but I may add more as I have found I love connecting with people who are going on vacation and the joy that comes with being a part of people enjoying the outdoors. We may just add that Sprinter for winter resort traveling and camping.”

All in all, Levig has enjoyed her Outdoorsy experience. In fact, she even recommends the site to others. “I have recommended Outdoorsy and will continue to do so due to good business practices, marketing, insurance, roadside assistance, and peace of mind from excellent customer service by Outdoorsy reps,” Lauren told us. 

Sounds like a happy camper to us!

All about Lauren Levig

Favorite morning beverage:

“Coffee with hot chocolate mix”

Favorite campsite meal:

S’mores (that’s a meal, right?)”

Music you like to play on the radio:

“Classic rock”

 Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:


Favorite season:


Last photo you took:

“Hanukkah sugar cookies for my kids’ grandparents (they are Jewish)”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal:


If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?

“South America to Alaska”

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