Owner of the week: Moises Kattan

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Owner of the week: Moises Kattan

Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted April 5, 2022

For Moises Kattan, renting his RV was a matter of necessity. “I bought my first RV knowing that I would rent it,” he tells us. “I needed the extra money.”

That said, Kattan’s rental business actually started as a side job. It was a blessing in disguise that led to Moises renting rigs full-time. “I was an engineer at a construction company,” Moises explains. “I had to drive three hours every day. I talked with my boss to ask if I could work from home, and he agreed to it, but he kept postponing. One day I fell asleep while driving home from work. After that, I decided to quit that job and just continue renting my RV.”

Once all of Moises’ focus was on his rental business, it grew quickly. “Nowadays, I have eight RVs!” he says. “I’ve had about 100 rentals and have made about $500,000 total.”

RV owner's vehicle

The thing that Moises believes makes his business stand out from others? “My service,” he shares. “I am always there when my guests need me, and most of the time, I become good friends with my clients.”

Moises tells a story highlighting his excellent customer service and how his rentals often result in friendship: “I rented to one of my clients that was going to Denver in the winter,” he recalls. “The A/C was not working because the blower was not working, but neither my client nor I thought about it too much since it was winter. Then, when the renter got to Denver, the windshield started to fog, so they used a blow dryer that caused a short circuit, damaging the heater. I told them to stay at a hotel and that I would pay for it. The next morning, the tech went and fixed the problem. I am still friends with that client.”

This friendly man isn’t just out to help his customers, though; he’s also happy to help other owners get started in the RV rental business. His number one piece of advice for those looking to get started? “Go for it!” he says. “Outdoorsy makes it very easy to rent your RV out.”

All About Moises

RV owner Moises

Favorite morning beverage: “Coconut water.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Eggs with hash browns.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “’80s.”

Favorite season: “Summer.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Yellowstone.”

Chelsea Gonzales



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