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Owner of the Week: Austin Kish

Austin Kish is a single mom with some seriously creative problem-solving skills. Therefore, when this clever woman decided she wanted to share the beauty of her home state of California with her 5-year old son, she figured out a way.

“With being a full-time working single parent, I don’t have a ton of extra time or money,” Austin shares. “But when I came across the peer-to-peer RV community via Outdoorsy and recognized my location advantage, I hatched a plan that would allow me to explore the state in a cost-effective manner. Even though I had never RV’ed before, I would buy a small RV. When I wasn’t using it, I would rent it out online.”

After a bit of shopping around, Ms. Kish came across the perfect rig: a small, modern Airstream with exactly the vibe she was searching for. She took possession of the RV in October of 2018, named it Moonwalk, and went right to work renting it out.

“Thinking October would be a bad time to launch my listing, I was nervous as the major camping season was already finished,” Kish tells us. “But to my surprise, I booked five rentals from ‪Outdoorsy just in November and December alone, generating a little over $2,000 in my pocket after my minimal expenses. I spent no money on advertising or any kind of marketing. I was floored and excited. This year so far, I’ve cleared $2,800 with another 8 rentals on the horizon through summer.”

As mentioned above, Outdoorsy was a part of Austin’s plans from the get-go. Why? She gave plenty of great reasons for choosing Outdoorsy. “Outdoorsy is doing it right with excellent insurance options for renters, targeted advertising that helps me not spend money on ads…and it’s very simple for an owner like myself to use,” she explains.

“I feel safe renting on Outdoorsy because of the verified driver checks, insurance options mentioned before, and that I’m able to communicate with renters ahead of time and evaluate their RV and towing experience. Once I know a bit more about my renter, I can tailor my communication and instruction to their level.”

Kish has high expectations for her little trailer as a rental unit. “I hope it allows people to connect with themselves and their families, create memories, and see new sights,” she shares. She helps ensure this expectation is met by going out of her way to help her renters feel comfortable by adding lots of little extras and making her camper into a “glamper.”

She also has an awesome location, which allows her to offer an amazing service that not everyone can offer. “The Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort is right across the street from my storage location, so I have a package rate to deliver and set up there,” Austin says. “The resort is a popular destination for my customers because it’s absolutely beautiful nestled in the redwoods, but it’s also a really nice spot to set up camp for a few days, and it has great amenities. It’s an easy option for customers who want to camp but don’t have a vehicle to tow a trailer.”

All About Austin

Favorite morning beverage: “French press coffee and milk”

Favorite campsite meal: “Ham and cheese croissant sandwiches wrapped in foil and warmed over the campfire. I’ll add a slice of pineapple if I’m feeling tropical.”

Music you like to play on the radio: ‪” Red Hot Chili Peppers‬, ‪Sturgill Simpson‬, ‪Odesza”‬

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Flashlight tag”

Favorite season: “Definitely summer”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal? “A butterfly—I try to keep it light and evolving.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Haleakalā National Park”

Single mom, creative problem solver, and entrepreneur, what can’t this Outdoorsy owner, Austin Kish, do?

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