Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted April 19, 2021

Brenton and Chelsea Shattuck of Rincon, GA are parents to two young boys. When the pandemic hit, the couple saw an opportunity in the middle of the crisis and decided to jump for it. “We purchased our RV three years ago,” Brenton tells us. “We saw an opportunity to use it to earn extra income during the pandemic.”

And so, the Shattucks listed their RV. “Outdoorsy was our platform of choice because of their US-based customer service and their app,” says Brenton. “Our RV was booked within two weeks.”

Since then, Chelsea and Brenton have expanded their fleet to include a total of five trailers. “We’ve made roughly $12K in the 7 months we’ve been renting,” Shattuck shares. “Our fourth and fifth campers were just added in the last two months.”

We’re guessing those two campers will be just as successful as the first three!

The Shattucks have helped a total of 43 renters go on RV adventures and have maintained a 5-star rating the entire time they’ve had their business. How? Brenton claims it’s the little things that add up. “We always include linens, an outdoor rug, and zero-gravity chairs at no extra expense to the renter,” he explains.

He then tells us about a specific situation that inspired him and Chelsea to go above and beyond. “We had a renter drive about 6 or 7 hours to come stay in our camper. We heard that it was her birthday weekend, so we put up ‘Happy Birthday’ banners inside and outside of the camper. The renter truly enjoyed those simple things.”

Clearly, Chelsea and Brenton are doing quite well with their business. In fact, running the rental business is now keeping Chelsea busy full-time. Of course, success isn’t all that makes an RV rental business great. The Shattucks let us know their main focus: “We hope our RV allows renters to try something new and out of the ordinary.”

All About Brenton

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Anything at all that can be cooked on our Blackstone [griddle].”

Music you like to play on the radio: “’90s country.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Guessing what type of vehicle class A headlights and taillights are.”

Favorite season: “Fall.”

Last photo you took: “A screenshot of some zero-gravity chairs we are adding.

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Yellowstone!”

Chelsea Gonzales

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