Owner of the Week: Julia Keiser

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Owner of the Week: Julia Keiser

Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted April 26, 2021

Julia Keiser has been renting her RV on Outdoorsy for about a year now. She and her husband wanted an RV for family adventures and found the perfect rig: an Entegra 24B. “When my husband saw the Entegra 24B, he told me I needed to see it. The layout was so perfect for us, and the huge bunk bed window was just a hit for our 5-year-old son!”

This was fantastic of course, but family time wasn’t their only goal for the rig. “We planned on renting our RV out so it can pay for itself, and maybe we can make even with some extra renting it out,” Julia tells us. So far, that’s going pretty well. The Keisers have brought in over $3K in their year of renting, and they have several more rentals coming up soon. Not bad at all, considering she balances her rental business with her full-time graphic design work and being a mommy.

One of Julia’s goals when sharing her rig with others is to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. “We made videos on how to operate our RV because I realized that a person who’s never camped in an RV would never be able to remember all the info dumped on them during the walkthrough,” Julia tells us. “I ask renters to get familiar with the RV before the pick-up, and they can always watch the videos when needed. This has made it way easier for renters, and we’re not bombarded with phone calls to answer questions.”

In addition to these fantastic videos, Julia has also put her graphic design skills to work, making some of the nicest manuals we’ve ever seen. “I wanted to make it super easy for renters to know how things are done when you camp in RV,” Julia explains.

“The ‘Hello’ page makes them feel welcomed. ‘House rules’ remind them what is good and what is bad for the RV. Then I included step-by-step instructions for RV setup and departure. Some tips for dry camping can be helpful if a renter decides to go off-grid. I also included detailed instruction on what to do when accidents happen. I was lost when it happened to me. I also thought I should mention some apps that are popular with campers, along with campsite etiquette tips.”

These manuals are so nice that other owners have asked for customized versions for their own RVs. Julia gave the people what they wanted and started selling her customizable manuals for other Outdoorsy owners

Clearly, Julia is very organized and great at communicating with renters. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that her number one piece of advice for other owners is to include a Supplemental Rental Agreement and a list of expectations. “I like to minimize risk as much as I can. That is why I have a Supplemental Rental Agreement. I have also listed my rules and fees for violations in the RV manual, so people feel financially responsible for their bad decisions, irresponsibility, etc. Maybe that is why we’ve never had any problems. We clearly state our expectations and boundaries.”

Considering her five-star rating, we’re thinking her renters appreciate the clear communication. We’d also say Julia is doing a great job meeting her biggest RV rental goal: “I hope our RV makes trips easy and comfortable, and that renters have great memories of their trip.”

All About Julia

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee”

Favorite campsite meal: “Burgers”

Music you like to play on the radio:  “Something pop and fun.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Slammo game outside and different table games while on the road.”

Favorite season: “Spring.”

Chelsea Gonzales



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