Owner of the week: Rita LaRock

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Owner of the week: Rita LaRock

Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted January 17, 2022

Rita LaRock is a woman who definitely understands the joy of camping.

“I was raised camping for three months every year during summer in Needles California right on the Colorado River,” she recalled. “That’s when my camping bug started. As we grew my mom started camping at San Clemente every year for two weeks with about 20 family and friends. She did this for 28 years. Although I love tent camping, I needed a bit more, so bought my first RV. It was an older 1989 RV, but I loved it!” 

When the pandemic came about, Rita saw a need. “I wanted to get away, but I also wanted to share what traveling or even just a weekend getaway can do for the soul,” she shared. So, she bought an RV.

“I bought my RV knowing I would post it on Outdoorsy,” Rita told us. “I was excited and had researched Outdoorsy for several months before my purchase. I loved how it felt like a family! The 24-hour call center really helped me a lot, and the listing coach was awesome. I like how I have control of my own RV on the site, but I have such great support from Outdoorsy at the same time. Outdoorsy feels like home!”

Another thing Rita researched thoroughly? The type of RV she wanted. “I chose my RV after doing tons of research on all kinds of RV’s and rentals,” she explained. “I found mine and fell in love. Keep it simple was my thought. I once was intimidated to drive an RV and wanted to take that away for all who wanted to rent an RV, so I chose this small and comfy RV. This allows renters to relax and focus on making memories and smiles.”

As it turns out, Rita has had plenty of opportunities to give renters those memories and smiles. “I bought home my RV June 5th, 2021 and a week later it was on its first rental. I posted one night thinking it would take time, and when I woke up I had TONS of requests and questions. It hasn’t stopped since.”

Rita’s wish for her business? That her RV continues to get good use for many years to come. “I hope my RV gives many people the chance to take an affordable trip, to unwind and explore, and to make long-lasting memories with family and friends without breaking the bank,” she said. “I started this business to sell a good time and that’s what I intend to do for a very long time.”

All About Rita

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee and mimosas”

Favorite campsite meal: “BBQ gourmet burgers”

Music you like to play on the radio: “Anything that makes me dance and sing.” 

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: ”Trivia” 

Favorite season: “Fall” 

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Montana”

Chelsea Gonzales



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