Owner’s Guide To An International Renter Request

Joshua SchukmanAugust 21, 2019

Owner’s Guide To An International Renter Request

When offering your RV for rent on Outdoorsy, there’s a good chance that you’ll one day get a request from an international traveler. The US is one of the top destinations for global wanderers seeking over-the-road adventures. While it may seem scary offering your rig to someone from abroad, Outdoorsy makes the process safe, secure, and fun. 

What does Outdoorsy provide to international renters?


Outdoorsy has your back on all rentals, and international rentals are no exception. We are good with international driver’s licenses, and we’ll do the legwork of making sure your renter’s driver license is up to date. You’ll also be covered by our industry-leading insurance, offering up to $1m in coverage. 

Additionally, your international renters will benefit from the added security and convenience of Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance. This means that whether your renter needs help with a flat tire or cooking a s’more – we’ll be there for them.

How can you make your RV stand out to international travelers?

It’ll help if you are within a day’s drive of a major national park or other well-known attraction, but travelers also love getting off the beaten path. No matter where your RV is, you shouldn’t shy away from making it friendly to globetrotters. Here are some tips to make your listing shine across the seas:

Offer airport pickup – Outdoorsy lets you add optional services for your renters. One of them is airport pick up/drop off. For example, this 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia  (https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/los-angeles_ca/1984_volkswagen_westfalia_19029-listing) is near LA and popular with international renters going to Joshua Tree National Park. Offering an airport pickup in a case like this would be a great way to welcome your guests and make some extra cash. 

Offer to deliver and set up your RV – While many international travelers will want the thrill of the open road, others will prefer arriving at a ready-made campsite. By offering this service, you’ll open yourself up to more bookings. 

Pick up the groceries – After jet setting over an ocean, the last thing most travelers want to do is hit a grocery store. You can make a wonderful impression by offering to stock your RV with food of their choosing. To offer this service, simply add ‘grocery fulfillment’ as an optional add on in your listing. You can set the price and terms that work for you.

Be sure your international guests can easily connect with you – International renters will often have a few more questions than renters from the US. By making yourself available to help, you’ll ensure our world travelers have a terrific experience.  

What types of rigs are popular with international travelers?

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this, but international renters tend to favor rentals that are under 22 feet and within a day’s drive of their destination. But don’t let it discourage you if your RV doesn’t fit that bill. Folks coming in from abroad are looking for a variety of experiences and there are many ways you can appeal to them.

When you get an international renter request you can rest easy knowing Outdoorsy has you covered. What’s more – sharing your RV with a visitor from abroad is often one of the most fulfilling experiences that our owners have. This is because folks coming from abroad have often planned their trip for years. They’ve dreamed of hitting sites in the US for some time and you get to become a part of that journey. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Joshua Schukman, Outdoorsy Author

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