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Owners Of The Week: Tom and Lina Caulson

For Outdoorsy Owners Tom and Lina Caulson, the real adventure started with their life-changing trip to Alaska last summer.

“We saw so many people enjoying the great outdoors in their RVs and campers that it moved us to make the jump to the RV ownership side,” the couple tells us. “We liked the idea of ‘glamping’ in the camper, but we also wanted to travel as much as possible with our young daughter and puppy.”

What’s unique about the Caulsons’ story is that they bought their RV knowing they would rent it out. What they didn’t know was just how successful their rental would be.

“As soon as we posted our brand-new camper, we had someone renting it that same week,” Tom says. “Our location might play a big part in that, as we are very close to the Gulf of Mexico’s world-famous beaches and a short 20-minute ride down south from I-10 — the main highway.”

We think this success might also be attributed — at least in part — to the fact that the camper comes fully stocked for every renter.

“We stock our camper with all the best items we can find. It’s our Airbnb on wheels,” the couple explains. “This little glamper is loaded with all the luxury and comforts you would find in a five-star hotel.”

“No detail is left out, from the hairdryer and travel toiletries to the books and DVDs for our guests’ enjoyment. We strive for perfection and total satisfaction of our guests.”

Case in point: Tom and Lina recently started offering a 10 percent discount off their daily booking rate to military, police, and first responders — just one of the ways the couple goes out of their way to care for their renters.

“All of our past guests have been a delight. We absolutely love meeting new people and learning about their life experiences, travels, and seeing their camping photos,” the duo says.

Their last renter was one they’ll never forget. “Mr. Jeep Sullivan, the founder of Jeep Sullivan Outdoor Adventures, Inc., is hands-down our favorite and greatest rental in the books so far,” Lina says. “I contacted Mr. Jeep using Outdoorsy’s Instamatch messaging system and got a speedy reply back.” 

“I asked him our usual pre-qualifying questions and asked if he had any military, police, or first responder affiliation for an additional 10 percent off. He replied, ‘No ma’am, but I do have a non-profit that takes Purple Heart recipients and combat vets on outdoor events all over the country.’”

Mr. Jeep Sullivan’s F-250 and the Caulson’s RV.

“He sent over a picture of his amazing 2018 Ford F-250. That was all I needed to know to approve the rental quote and offer him the 10 percent off his booking total,” Lina says. “The next morning he booked the RV for him and his wife so they could attend and fully support their charity mission. They had a great hunting adventure in Crestview, Florida with some of our local warriors that weekend.”

“I know Mr. Jeep does some very important work by showing a good time in the great outdoors to our soldier heroes all over the country,” Lina says, “and I sure do hope he returns to us again for another RV rental.”

All about Tom and Lina Caulson

Favorite morning beverage:
Lina and Tom: “Coffee!”

Favorite campsite meal:
Tom: “Breakfast burritos.”

Lina: “Chicken and veggie shish kebabs cooked over fire for dinner.”

Music you like to play on the radio:
Tom: “Classic rock.”

Lina: “The ‘Hipster Party Radio’ station on Pandora.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:
“Our favorite road trip game to play is 20 Questions.”

Favorite season:
“Florida winters are best!”

Last photo you took:
Tom: “I don’t take pictures, it’s my wife’s department.”

Lina: “Picture of our camper, of course!”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal?
Tom: “Bear.”

Lina: “Wolf.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?
Tom: “Yosemite National Park, California.”

Lina: “Back to Alaska—yes, all the way from Florida. We do plan on taking one long RV trip each year in our ‘Dream Factory,’ but those two are our top two dream destinations.”

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