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by Lizzie Dragon
Posted August 21, 2020

With your home on the road, the life of an RVer is one of portability. It’s no secret that traveling in a campervan, like living in a studio apartment, you have limited space and storage. Even so, you don’t have to transition into a minimalistic lifestyle to take life on the road!

Whatever the category, you can likely find a compact option to fit your mobile lifestyle. Today, we’re talking kayaks! Gone are the days of hauling around a clunky kayak. Now, you can keep it compact with inflatable and foldable kayaks!

Yes, you read that correctly. Here are 5 portable kayaks perfect for RV travel!

Best portable kayaks

  1. Oru Inlet Kayak

  2. Intex K1 Challenger

  3. Advanced Elements StraitEdge

  4. AquaGlide NOYO 90

  5. Pakayak Bluefin 142

Oru Inlet Kayak

oru kayak inlet
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Price: $899

Oru Kayak is a leading brand, specializing in folding kayaks. They offer five kayak models for every adventurer and body of water. The Inlet is the lightest and most compact model, perfect for beginners and calm waters.

It’s lightweight and durable, but the best part about it? It only takes 3 minutes to assemble, getting you out on the water in record time! Hit the river, lake, or stream and take your pup along for the ride in the open cockpit.

Looking for something a bit bigger? Check out Oru’s most popular model, the Oru Beach LT.

Intex K1 Challenger

intex challenger k1
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Price: $89.99 or more (price ranges based on demand)

The world of inflatable goods is nothing new for Intex. From air mattresses to pools to kayaks, they do it all. The Intex Challenger series is a #1 best seller in the Touring Kayaks category, and for a good reason. It’s constructed with sturdy vinyl material for performance, and an advanced inflatable design for comfort.

This model is currently unavailable on their website, but you can find it on Amazon. This listing includes not only the kayak but also a paddle and pump, which is a still for under $500!

Advanced Elements StraitEdge

portable kayak advanced elements
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Price: $649.99

Advanced Elements prides itself on the innovative inflatable kayak designs they have been developing for over a decade. Whether you’re looking for a kayak for recreational use, whitewater, touring, or angling, they have a portable kayak for you. The StraitEdge is built for anything, from calm waters to class III whitewater.

Not only is kayak versatile, but the hull design allows great trackability, and the padded seat offers comfortability for hours of kayaking. Less than 10-feet long and easily packed into its duffel bag, this model is a fantastic portable option for RVing adventure-seekers.

AquaGlide NOYO 90

portable kayak aquaglide
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Price: $379.99

If you want to wander on the water without getting wet, this is the kayak for you. Aquaglide’s Chinook 90, a 9-foot long beauty, has an enclosed cockpit that will help keep you dry whether you’re on a quick trip or lengthy paddle. With D-rings to store your gear and zip open compartments, not only you, but your stuff will stay dry. Hop in for a smooth ride along smooth waters.

Pakayak Bluefin 142

portable kayak pakayak
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Price: $1895.00

Pakayak’s Bluefin 142 kayak is leak-proof, portable, and pretty! You’ll notice it’s one of the priciest portable kayaks on the market, but not without reason; it has one of the most ingenious designs, both in terms of durability and portability. Using aerospace and underwater product designs, Pakayak produced a leak-proof and easily-assembled model, unlike any other. It is divided into six sections that, when stored, fit together like a Russian nesting doll. And, when you’re ready to take it out on the open sea or through winding rivers, it can be assembled by anyone in a matter of minutes! Though it is longer than a lot of the other models, a little over 14 feet, it is still very transportable. All the pieces fit in an “easy-carry” bag with wheels!

Did we mention it’s as pretty as it is durable? The Bluefin 142 comes in 4 gorgeous colors!

Just Keep Paddling

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or occasional road-tripper, add a portable kayak to your wish list! With so many on the market and so many great brands, there’s one perfect for every budget, every adventure, and every space. What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

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