Why Rent a Sprinter Class C Motorhome for Your Next Road Trip

Lindsay McKenzieFebruary 13, 2018

Why Rent a Sprinter Class C Motorhome for Your Next Road Trip

There are so many options when it comes to renting an RV. It can be hard enough to understand the differences between Class A, B, and C, let alone decide which RV will be the best fit for your upcoming road trip. To help you out, we’ve created a short guide to help you understand why a Sprinter Class C motorhome is a great go-to choice. Regardless of your family’s size, your destination, or length of trip, this RV makes the perfect vehicle to get your from A to B.

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Here are 4 reasons to rent a Sprinter Class C motorhome:

1. Maneuverability

You’ll be amazed by how maneuverable a Sprinter Class C is. Driving it feels very similar to driving a pick-up truck or large SUV. Since most are around 25-feet long, you’ll have the ability to fit into most parking lots with no problem. At times, you can even find street parking in the city! And, if you want to pull off the road to check out a scenic overlook or take a little detour, it’s no problem. We’ve even done our fair share of U-turns in ours! You won’t be stressed out and constantly checking your mirrors to make sure you can clear a curb.

2. Space

Don’t underestimate the space of a Sprinter Class C just because of its size. Yes, versatility without sacrificing on space seems too good to be true, but it’s not! Many Class Cs have great layouts that offer comfortable living space, and can even sleep 6 people with the bunk, dinette, and bed. Plus, you’ll still have plenty of storage for your gear and belongings, unlike a Class B or camper van. See what this Delano Sprinter from Thor Motor Coach can fit in the video below!

3. Easy travel days

Maneuverability and being able to park almost anywhere, aren’t the only reasons why travel days are easier in a Sprinter Class C. For starters, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to pack up and head out. You simply stow away your belongings, pull the slide in, detach any of your hook ups, and you’re on your way. This is absolutely not the case with a trailer that requires hitching up.

Also, with a larger Class A motorhome or longer trailer, you are usually limited to which gas stations you can fit into and which roads you can take because of weight and height restrictions. Travel days were stressful when towing our old fifth wheel. We were always having to check our route ahead of time. We had to plan out where we could find a truck stop, which roads didn’t have any low clearance, and find routes that didn’t take us on too many narrow back roads. Now, we have much less of those worries. We can enjoy the scenery as we drive and find enjoyment in our travel days. Plus, we have access to the kitchen and bathroom while we travel, which means we don’t have to stop as often, we eat less fast food, and we arrive at our destination much quicker than we used to.

4. Gas mileage

If you aren’t convinced yet, I’m confident you will be now. One of the biggest expenses and drawbacks of planning a road trip is the cost of gas, right? With the diesel engine of a Class C, you can get anywhere from 12-16 miles per gallon! This is pretty amazing, considering you are driving a tiny home on wheels! In fact, this is the same gas mileage we got in our truck without towing the trailer. It’s not uncommon for many Class As and trucks towing large trailers to get around 8-10 miles per gallon. Five extra miles per gallon may not seem like much of a difference, but with a 26 gallon gas tank on a Sprinter Class C, you could drive 130 miles further than you could getting only 10 miles a gallon. It can really add up!

Hit the Road

Hopefully, this information helps with the tough decision of choosing the right RV to rent for your road trip. As someone who has traveled across the country several times in an RV, I can’t recommend the Sprinter Class C motorhome enough. The mobility, great use of space, good gas mileage, and ease of use make it a perfect rental for both experienced and novice RVers.

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To get started searching for a Sprinter Class C motorhome, click here, then type in the location you’ll be renting from. Using the filters, you can select “Class C” and type “Sprinter” into the keyword search. (See image above). You can also filter by price, features, and rules (pet friendly, for example) too. Good luck and happy travels!


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