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‘Outdoorsy Basically Said, “We’ve Got This”‘

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Say hello to Julie Osterkamp, one of Outdoorsy’s top owners. She’s a Utah native who rents her 2017 Rpod camper trailer. Read her story below, 

No more rough nights on a cold tent floor: My husband and I both work in wild fire, so we cherish every moment we can get outdoors, especially in the red rocks of Southern Utah. However, after having quite a few rough nights with our baby, Lily Ruth, in a cold tent, we decided to get a small camper trailer called the Rpod. I wanted to recoup some of our costs and stumbled upon Outdoorsy. I was sold the minute I read the words “insurance included.”

Outdoorsy basically said, “We’ve got this:” There’s just no comparison between Outdoorsy and its competitors. When I started looking into companies to list our rental with, Outdoorsy stood out right away. To rent on other sites, you have to provide your own commercial insurance. I was looking into complicated commercial policies when I found Outdoorsy. They basically said, “No worries, we got you covered.” After that, it was a done deal for me.

Our little trailer is still in excellent shape: When we started renting the Rpod out, our biggest worry was that renters might damage our trailer and then not tell us. We were concerned that we would not notice the damage in time to negotiate the deposit. This has been a non-issue for us. With even the smallest damage, all of our renters have been very communicative and easy to deal with. Our little trailer is in excellent shape.

It pays for itself and more: I had not added it up until now, but it looks like we’ve made a total of $4,257 since we started with Outdoorsy in October. That’s amazing considering how easy Outdoorsy has made the rental process. I love that this additional income allows us to own our RV without tightening our budget. We can continue camping with our daughter in any type of weather and still have money to spend during our travel adventures.

– Julie Osterkamp



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