The RUV is a New Trend for New RVers

Rise of the RUV

RV Pro always introduces great stories from the manufacturing side of RVing, but their latest cover story particularly caught our eye. In The Rise of the RUV, Steve Bibler describes the origins of a new category of motorhome that whose star seems to be on the rise.

Bibler says that the first recreational utility vehicle, or RUV, was introduced by RV company Thor at the 2013 Elkhart Country Fair. Their idea was pretty simple:  take an SUV and add a motorhome.

The truth is a bit more complicated than that, though, as all current models are built on either a Ford F-350 or F-450 chassis, which makes them based on pick-up trucks. But Thor makes the case that this rig size, which clocks in at just over 25 feet, is akin to driving an SUV with the visibility of a big Class A. The RUV is often described as a combination of Class A, Class B, and Class C.

For those of you who are still new to the world of RVing and aren’t sure what any of these terms mean: the Class A is the super big guys, the Class B is the small guys, and the Class C is the in-betweeners. The chassis is the base frame of the vehicle.

As the trend in RVs is for the extremes: either big, super luxurious Class A’s, or small, lightweight well-designed travel trailer, these motorhomes stand out for their unusual design. Easy to drive and built for fuel efficiency, RUVs are a great option for newbies looking to travel without the stress and cost of driving a big rig or pulling a trailer.

Currently, Thor is the only manufacturer offering this new type of motorhome, but there are rumors that this could be changing in the near future. In the meantime, the good news is that Thor is a well regarded and trusted brand in the space.

RUV Thor

Since 25 feet is pretty small as far as RVs go, it’s surprising that RUVs feel as roomy as they do on the inside. They provide enough sleeping space for 4-5 people (depending on the model you choose). This little RV is perfect to take on a family vacation, but it could also be great for a couple looking to go full-time.

RUVs have the amenities and high-tech capabilities of an SUV while remaining affordable, which is great for weekend warriors as well as  seasoned RVers who want to see a smaller mortgage bill each month.

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