Can You Glamp in an RV?

These luxury RVs have it all, and then some.

If you could take the hot tub camping, would you? The term “getting away from it all” doesn’t have to mean going without your creature comforts, or a few opulent luxuries.

hot tub glamping rv
The German-built Futuria Caravan Salon has a hot tub on the roof.

The creative and brilliant minds that design recreational vehicles have constructed several upscale options that allow you to take luxury and class with you on the road. This is glamour camping taken to a whole new shiny level, for a price, of course.

Name Brands You’ve Never Heard¬†

2017 Monaco Diplomat
The interior of the 2017 Monaco Diplomat with windows closed.

Everyone knows the classic Winnebago and the sleek silver Airstream, but what’s an Entegra? How about names like American Coach, and Monaco? These companies cater to a smaller niche of specialized clientele, those that can afford to spend about half a million dollars on some of the luxury basics. Standard offerings in these upscale motorhomes include (but are certainly not limited to) touchscreen technology throughout, walk-in closets, and heated floors. Extra amenities include whirlpools, several appliances, and even a space underneath to stow your luxury car. Naturally, a Lexus or a Bentley for venturing out of the campground in the evenings.

Custom Converted Luxury  

Build Your Own RV Entegra
The Entegra Build Your Own Approach

Virtually all of the companies that design and sell luxury motorhomes have a “build your own” option, in which you can choose the specific floorplan, appliances, colors, and other features. Some companies will also start with reclaimed transport options, like buses or utility trucks, and convert them into unique luxury recreational vehicles. Some are even capable of off-road travel, making them equally ideal for a weekend escape or a long-term adventure into the unknown and unpaved.

car inside RV glamping RV
Who’s that peeking out from under the Volkner luxury motorhome?

The RV lifestyle is often associated with living frugally, simply, off the grid, and without luxury. With the right amount of money, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. Escape from the daily grind, and enjoy the freedom of the open road in luxury and comfort. Tune in that satellite television, soak in the hot tub, and keep on driving.

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