Can You Glamp in an RV?

Team OutdoorsySeptember 15, 2020

Can You Glamp in an RV?

The word “glamping” may be relatively new, but the concept of luxurious camping experiences isn’t. In fact, with the help of recreation vehicles, people have been getting away to the great outdoors without letting go of their creature comforts for decades. RV glamping gives you the best of both worlds!

Wondering how you too can have an adventurous glamping road trip in an RV? Here’s how you can make it happen.

hot tub glamping rv
The German-built Futuria Caravan Salon has a hot tub on the roof.

How to Go RV Glamping

The first step is to decide what glamping means to you. For many, staying in a basic RV is a form of glamping. After all, something with walls and running water is a definite step-up from a tent! Some want a hint of luxury in their stay when they glamp. Yet others yearn for the hot-tub-on-the-roof experience.

Basic RV Glamping

Are you usually a tent camper who can be found dry camping in primitive areas? Or maybe you’ve never been camping at all. For those who fall under this category, RVing in and of itself is glamping!

Basic RV glamping is the easiest and cheapest option. Even modest-sized RVs will offer amenities like a full kitchen, dinette, queen-sized bed, toilet, and shower area. Do a little research on the different RV types and decide which is best for you and your budget. Typically, Class C motorhomes and larger travel trailers will have everything you’ll need and more, all at a reasonable price.

Where to Stay

Boondocking may be off your radar for this trip, but there are plenty of state parks and national parks that have campgrounds with full hookups. Full hookups will ensure that you have running water, shore power, and septic connections right at your site.

Upgraded Glamping

If you’re used to traditional RVs and want something with a little pizzazz, look to a Class A motorhome or a fifth-wheel trailer. These are usually more expensive rigs and have more luxury touches. From interior finishes to sleek exterior designs, you’ll feel like you’re rolling in style. You’ll pay a little more, but for many, the upgrade is well worth the price!

Where to Stay

While you can certainly have an amazing glamping experience at a public park, many times, private campgrounds have more amenities. You’ll find some that have pools, hot tubs, cable, internet, and more! This is all in addition to the typical hook-ups you’d find at a typical RV site.

Top-Tier RV Glamping

The creative and brilliant minds that design recreational vehicles have constructed several upscale options that allow you to take luxury and class with you on the road. This is glamour camping taken to a whole new shiny level, for a price, of course. Check out this tour of the 2019 King Aire from Newmar.

Everyone knows the classic Winnebago and the sleek silver Airstream, but what’s an Entegra? How about names like American Coach and Monaco? These companies cater to a smaller niche of specialized clientele, those that can afford to spend about half a million dollars on some of the luxury basics.

Standard offerings in these upscale motorhomes include (but are certainly not limited to) touchscreen technology throughout, walk-in closets, and heated floors. Extra amenities include whirlpools, several appliances, and even a space underneath to stow your luxury car. Build Your Own RV Entegra

The Entegra Build Your Own ApproachFinding a rental with this level of luxury is a little harder to come by, but they are out there! Many owners like to rent out their rig when it’s not in use to help pay it off or cover the costs of maintenance.  

Where to Stay

Just like the RVs themselves, RV parks can range from basic plays to park for a night to world-class resorts. You’ll find luxury RV resorts out there that have spas offerings, whirlpools, nice swimming pools, horse trails, and more. You’ll pay a premium for these treat-yo-self experiences, but they can’t be beat.

Glamp Your Own Way

Camping is sometimes associated with living frugally, simply, off the grid, and without luxury. With the right RV, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. Escape from the daily grind, and enjoy the freedom of the open road in luxury and comfort. Tune in that satellite television, soak in the hot tub, and keep on driving.

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