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Sarah Taggart
by Sarah Taggart
Posted April 17, 2018

When most people think of camping, the great state of New Jersey might not come to mind. However, New Jersey is not what most people think. It’s certainly not what TV shows such as Jersey Shore make it out to be. New Jersey has various types of landscapes from mountains to the beach to big cities. Most people don’t even know that part of the Appalachian Trail runs through New Jersey! Whether you want to camp on a beach, in the wilderness, or across the Hudson from NYC, New Jersey is a great spot for all types of RVers.

North Jersey

Most people in New Jersey identify where they live by either what exit on the main highways they are near, or less specifically, north and south. North Jersey on the east side, is very influenced by New York City. Here you will find larger and more crowded cities like Hoboken and Newark. For RVers who want to see the big city and be located only a few minutes away, check out Liberty Harbor RV Park. Travelers can leave their RV behind and take a quick PATH ride, light rail, or ferry to the city!

New Jersey | Outdoorsy
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As you head west in the northern part of the state, you will find beautiful, and maybe unexpected, mountains. Spend some time checking out beautiful hikes, including Mt Tammany and the Delaware water gap. Check out the many beautiful campgrounds in North Jersey here.

South Jersey

For those travelers who are into a more relaxed scene, South Jersey might be more of your taste. In South Jersey, travelers won’t find mountains, but can find miles and miles of beautiful beaches. Summer months can be quite humid, but a great time to visit the beach! Another great part about South Jersey is the great kid-friendly and adult-friendly beach towns.

Cape May, NJ, is the most southern part of the state with spectacular beaches and many fun activities for children such as the Cape May Zoo. Wildwood, NJ, is another town with a fully outfitted 50s theme. There is also several amusement parks, water park, and rides for all ages of children!

For the adults, Atlantic City is a great place to check out. Atlantic City has several casinos right on the beach! Travelers can test their luck with many opportunities to gamble (21+ years of age only). Or check out any of the shows and concerts. Check local websites for occasional free summer concerts!

New Jersey | Outdoorsy
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For camping, there are several options! For those who wish to be as close to the beach as possible, check out Avalon Campground or Sea Pirate Campground. Read more information about campsites in New Jersey here.

New Jersey has some amazing opportunities for outdoor recreation that most are completely unaware of. If you want a different type of adventure this summer and want to check out a new place, be sure to add New Jersey to your list. Start planning your next trip with Outdoorsy today!

Sarah Taggart


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