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RV or Tent Camping: Which is Right for You?

Is there a way to get the best of both?

You want to replenish your soul in the Great Outdoors over your next holiday. But where do “The Great Outdoors” begin? How do you get there? And is it wrong that you’re interested in the comfort of an RV but you also desire the rugged authenticity of pack-trekking with a tent? Which should you do: RV or Tent Camping?

RV and Tent Camping

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Not at all. In fact, why not do both?


Although your goal might be to hike way off the beaten path and spend several days in a tent camp, starting your journey with a camper or an RV can increase your comfort levels. Its welcoming and secure home base gives you a great place to return to when the rugged adventure of tent camping comes to an end.

comfortable amenities in RV camping

When you include an RV in your plans you will have the luxuries of home right at your fingertips, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the trip and less time worrying about where to dine or bed down for the night. With on-board amenities like kitchenettes and personal bathing facilities, you will never be more than a few steps away from comfortable accommodations. Although your intention for the trip may be to connect with nature and leave civilization behind, once you’re ready to leave the wild, there’s nothing more welcoming than a hot shower and clean sheets in the privacy of your RV.

reading while RV camping

Most of us don’t have trailheads in our front yards, but with the comfort of an RV and the convenience of a variety of RV-friendly campgrounds across the country,  you can hit the road knowing that there are accommodations for your vehicle along the way. With camper-friendly facilities across much of North America, there’s sure to be one near your destination. Whether you’re planning an excursion into Grand Teton National Park or intend to hike the 2,180 miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, beginning your journey with a camper or an RV will start your adventure on the right foot. It offers you a safe and comfortable “home” to enjoy once the hiking portion of your adventure is complete.

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Enjoy the winning combination of the home-like luxury of RV traveling along with the serenity of hitting the hiking trail on foot. Check out the RVs for rent in your area on Outdoorsy and think about the next crazy wild escape you’d like to take.


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