10 RV Products Not to Travel Without

When you’re out in the great wide somewhere, you need to be as prepared as possible if anything goes wrong in the rig you are renting. The owner should include everything you need, but it never hurts to double check!

No matter what you have to face while traveling from Point A to Point B, there are RV products out there that can give you peace of mind.

1. Sealant, Sealant, Sealant

If you are blessed by God and have a rig built like an Airstream, this may never be a product you are grateful to have with you. On the other hand, if you have an older rig with plastic and laminate walls, you may run into some sealing issues.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of sealant you buy, but keep in mind the type of RV you have and the kind of conditions your RV will be in as you travel.

2. Vent insulator & skylight covers

No matter what kinds of weather you run into on the road, CAMCO insulator and skylight covers work great. For cooler climates, they help keep your rig warm. While in hotter climates, they help to keep your rig cool. They’re a win-win product!

3. CAMCO sewage hose & elbow

There are a variety of sewage hoses and elbows out there for the black tank, but time and time again CAMCO has come through for us both in functionality and durability.

The hose and clear elbow are well built and make it easy to dump your business. When you are fully hooked up, it’s important to have sewage equipment you know and trust.

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4. Tape

There are different kinds of tape that will help with both minor and major issues you may have with your rig. Sealant tape is good for minor things like wrapping around the outside faucet so it won’t leak, while Eternabond works well for larger fixes.

5. Jacks

Without jacks, an RV can be a bit rocky. Keeping jacks to put under the RV, helps you feel less wobbly as you walk from one end of the rig to the other.

6. A small vacuum

Despite one’s best efforts, the outside always finds its way inside. Keeping a small, or even handheld, vacuum inside the rig has saved us many headaches. A small handheld Black & Decker vacuum is easy to use and store.

7. Dehumidifier

Between the occasional rain outside and the heat we create inside, it’s super handy to have a couple dehumidifiers. A larger dehumidifier in the living area and a smaller one in the bedroom seems to work well.

RV Products | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace

8. Space heater

When the winter season hits in most places, it gets cold in an RV. Running the furnace uses up a lot of gas and that can be expensive, so a couple of space heaters can help to warm up the rig.

Not only does this save money, but it does a better job than one would think. With different settings, you can tell the heater how warm you’d like your space to be and the heater simply shuts off when it reaches that temperature.

9. Instant Pot

Instant Pots have been glorified by RVers across the country. The Instant Pot makes cooking a more streamlined process and it’s easy to clean and store.

Plus, its timer and specified settings make cooking less complicated. You simply put in the items you’re cooking and wait until the pot tells you it’s done. Easy peasy!

10. Basic set of tools

A small but well-rounded set of tools, can be a great help when issues arise with your rig. This is a must to have in any RV – especially an older one.

RV Products | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace

There are numerous RV products for a multitude of issues that can arise while traveling in an RV. The items above simply offer a good place to start. When it comes to certain products to take with you on your travels, keep in mind where you’re going and what you might need. Prepping for any trip is time worth spent. And if you are renting out your RV, make sure to include these helpful products for renters!

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