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‘The RV Business Has Given Me the Quality of My Life Back’

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Eddie Macias is a Navy veteran, and one of Outdoorsy’s top owners. He lives in Monterey, CA, and rents out his Forest River Sunseeker to eager tourists. Read about his excellent customer service skills, his plans for business expansion, and how renting out his RV has given him time back in his day.  

I started on a whim: “I jumped into the RV game purely out of convenience. I used to work in the Navy but I now work as a police officer. I have a two-hour commute to work, so I purchased an RV in order to stay close to work during the week. However, I soon realized that I could be making money off of the rig and had a friend list it on Craigslist. From there, Outdoorsy contacted me, asking if I’d like to list with them. I took a chance and loved it.”

Getting a lot of repeat customers: “As a retired military man and a current police officer, it’s in my nature to serve others. This has carried over nicely into my RV rental business. I pride myself on offering top notch service and unbeatable amenities. I have custom flooring, flatscreen smart TVs, and even a custom stove top. I also always remain on call while someone is using my rig. I don’t nickel and dime my customers. I charge a flat fee, and don’t charge for propane. I once even delivered a mattress pad to a renter during a trip to ensure that they were comfortable. I now get a ton of repeat business.”

The RV has allowed me to cut down my commute: “The extra money from my rig allows me to stay in a hotel room during the week, which has definitely improved the quality of my life. I’m no longer spending four hours driving every day. It’s also given me some extra spending money for weekend getaways. I’m planning to expand my RV business by buying a teardrop trailer. There seems to be a real market for those.” 

Go check out a big RV rental shop: “I’d advise all first-time owners on Outdoorsy to check out a commercial RV rental outfit. It’ll give you a good sense of what NOT to do. The RVs were in horrible shape, and not well-kept at all. They made me realize that in order to lure business away from them, all I had to do was make sure my RV was in great condition, and filled with nice amenities.”

– Eddie Macias. Rent his RV here


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