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Posted July 6, 2021

As you run down your pre-trip checklist, make sure it also includes an RV spare tire cover. Food and toys are important, but so is RV tire safety. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road when you could be out exploring.

Obviously, you want to avoid tire blowouts in an RV, but sometimes things just happen. If that’s the case, you want your RV spare tire to be in good condition. The best way to protect your tire is by keeping it in a camper spare tire cover.

Why RVers need an RV spare tire cover

There are many benefits to having a spare tire cover.

  • Protection from the elements
  • Security and theft prevention
  • Customized look
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Protection from the elements

The biggest reason to get a travel trailer spare tire cover is to keep your RV spare tire in good shape. Should you ever need to change your RV tire, the spare has to be in tip-top condition. A RV spare tire cover protects the tire from UV exposure which can lead to dry rot and cracks in the sidewall. Covers also prevent dirt and grime from collecting and sticking on your RV spare tire.

Security and theft prevention

Tires aren’t cheap and you certainly don’t want to have to buy another one if yours is stolen. Save your money for your vacation by investing in a RV spare tire cover. Without a cover, a spare tire can be removed fairly easily and quickly. Both hard shell RV spare tire covers and soft RV spare tire covers have some kind of locking system that deter theft.

Customized look

Having a camper spare tire cover will complete your rig’s look. They come in all colors and many allow you to customize them with personalized designs, flags, or sports teams logos.

Types of camper spare tire covers

There are two popular kinds of RV spare tire covers:

  1. Hard shell covers
  2. Soft vinyl covers

Hard shell covers

Hard shell RV spare tire covers are made of rigid materials like molded plastic or stainless steel. They also come in two parts: A faceplate that covers the front of the RV spare tire and a ring that wraps around the tire that has a clasp or latch that locks it into place.

Soft vinyl covers

Soft RV spare tire covers are made of soft vinyl. These covers wrap around the RV spare tire and tighten in the back with either a cord or rope. Some soft covers also include an interior pad made of felt, which rests against the tire for even more protection.

Which type of travel trailer spare tire cover should you choose?

Well, now that you know the two kinds of RV spare tire covers there are, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

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PROS: Hard shell RV spare tire covers

Hard shell RV spare tire covers are great because they last a long time; their material will withstand the elements better than any vinyl cover. They are also more secure and have a metal lock that will make any unsavory character think twice about stealing your RV spare tire.

CONS: Hard shell RV spare tire covers

An obvious disadvantage to purchasing a hard shell RV spare tire cover is that they are expensive; they can cost more than double the amount of a soft shell cover. They can also be difficult to mount on your camper, so before you commit, make sure it is compatible with your RV.

PROS: Soft vinyl RV spare tire covers

The biggest advantage of getting a soft travel trailer spare tire cover is that it is budget friendly. Soft covers are also the most customizable so you can really make your RV as unique as you are. Some soft covers also come with a set of locking security grommets.

CONS: Soft vinyl RV spare tire covers

Although they do last a few years, soft covers simply don’t last as long as hard shell RV spare tire covers. They also aren’t as secure, even with metal grommets.

Best RV spare tire covers

Ready to buy an RV spare tire cover? You can first look to buy one directly from the manufacturer. This will ensure it is compatible with your spare tire mount and fits your RV spare tire. Of course, you do have other options as well.

Below are a few popular companies that make fun and durable covers:

You can also find a lot of custom RV spare tire covers on sites like

Ready to safely hit the road?

When heading out on your RV road trip, you want to have peace of mind knowing you’ve set off with good working tires and a spare for emergencies. If you do end up with a blowout and have to do your own RV repairs, you’ll at least know that your RV spare tire is in good shape because you’ve had it covered and protected from the elements.

Additionally, if you’ve decided to list your RV to earn extra cash, you can confidently send off renters knowing you’ve set them up for success. Either way, having an RV spare tire cover means having the comfort and satisfaction that you are protecting your investment.

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