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Where to Take an RV this St. Patrick’s Day

It’s March again which mean spring is coming, but more importantly, St. Patrick’s day is almost here! This year, St. Patrick’s day is on a Saturday which leaves plenty of time to celebrate. Why not rent an RV and enjoy this holiday on the road. Here are amazing weekend destinations for your St. Patricks Holiday.

East Coast

Savannah, Georgia is home to an amazing traditional St Patrick’s day parade. This is the 2nd largest St Patrick’s day festival in the United States! This year, the festival and parade will take place Friday, March 16, and Saturday, March 17, from 10 AM to Midnight. With an average temperature of 70 degrees, it’s an ideal place to take an RV and spend the weekend outside.

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Camping and Hiking

This is a crowded time of the year to be heading to Georgia. If you plan on heading down for this St Patrick’s day, it is best to plan ahead. Check out top campgrounds here or free campsites here. Spend some extra time in Savannah and explore the incredible nature of the area. In the city limits, check out Forsyth Park. For a bigger adventure, venture to Cumberland Island for a chance to see herds of wild horses!

West Coast

San Francisco is another great spot to spend some time this St. Patrick’s day.  This is the largest celebration on the west coast and will take place on Saturday, March 17. The parade will have over 5,000 participants and begin at the corner of Second and Market. Enjoy the California coast this March as well as an average of 68 degree weather.

Camping and Hiking

San Francisco is a rather large city and camping within city limits can be pretty tough. However, there is decent public transportation (BART) that can help you get from campsite to parade easily. When you’re not celebrating St. Patrick’s day, check out some of San Francisco’s beautiful parks including Washington Square, Golden Gate Park, and even Alcatraz Island!

st patrick's day| Outdoorsy
Photo credit: pixabay.com


For those of you traveling in the central part of the USA check out Austin, TX, this St Patrick’s day. Austin has a parade, but the larger attraction is the live concerts and pub crawls. Head into town on March 17 and enjoy a craft beer and some live music in 70 degree weather! To narrow down which event you would like to see in Austin, click here for more information.

Camping and Hiking

Texas offers a lot of amazing campgrounds. Check out top-rated campsites in Austin here. To explore more of the city, try kayaking at Town Lake or Hamilton Pool.

No matter where you are located in the U.S., there are St Patrick’s events everywhere. After a long winter, most travelers could use a weekend in an RVWith summer finally in sight, rent an RV today with Outdoorsy for this St Patrick’s Day and kick the warm season off right.

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