Jamie Feinberg
by Jamie Feinberg
Posted August 8, 2018

Tailgating during football season is a popular activity. Gathering with friends and family in the parking lot of whatever game or event you’re attending is a fun way to socialize and pregame—and occasionally continue the party during the game itself. But have you ever tried RV tailgating?

Having an RV with you means you’ve got all of the niceties you could ever want during the party: a bathroom nearby and full cooking facilities. Who needs a cooler and a charcoal grill when you’ve got a refrigerator, oven and stovetop at the ready? (Well, maybe you still want to grill, but grilling by choice is much more fun!)

Here are a few suggestions for maximizing your RV tailgating time.

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Plan your menu

If you’re tailgating out of a car or SUV, your menu is going to be relatively limited by space. Take advantage of your RV and consider upping the ante with fancier foods that you’d normally skip. Deviled eggs or chicken salad is great, but why not make some quesadillas to go with that beer? Check out our article on the best tips and recipes for RV tailgating.

Tailgating | OutdoorsyPlan where to park

RV parking can be tricky, so be sure to call ahead and figure out a game plan to make parking day-of easy. Keep in mind that if it’s out of the way, that’s not necessarily a big deal. After all, you’ve got your bathroom and your kitchen with you—and probably an awning too. For more tips on how to make your tailgating experience go off without a hitch, check out our article on RV Tailgating Made Easy.

Prepare for the elements

If your RV has an awning, that could help if there’s a bit of rain. But if it gets too windy, you’ll be closing it up. Be prepared with rain gear, bug spray, sunscreen and a hat—and don’t forget to wear your team jersey and pack other accessories to show your support.

Tailgating | OutdoorsyDon’t miss a minute

If you’re planning to keep the party going during the game, even if it’s just the very beginning, figure out how you can avoid missing any of the action. Have a radio handy? What about an outdoor TV? Come up with a game plan—pun intended.

All in all, enjoy the game and make sure you leave the area as clean as you found it when the fun is done.

If you’ll be renting an RV for your next tailgating party, Outdoorsy can help provide you with a cool rig.

Jamie Feinberg

Jamie Feinberg is a blogger, musician, theater artist and educator traveling the country full-time in her RV. She performs with her husband Ross Malcolm Boyd as they travel, and they co-own Tiny Village Music, offering private music lessons online in guitar, piano, ukulele, voice and more.


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