San Diego California Meetup

It may have taken us 6 hours to drive down from Los Angeles to San Diego, but we would do it all over again to meet you! San Diego and cold weather are not usually synonymous, but nevertheless we huddles around some heaters and kept each other warm with delicious beer and lots of laugher.

Want to know what a grown up playground looks like? The San Diego KOA is the complete package—from heated pools to a sand castle building competition. Discussion topics ranged from Game of Thrones to surfing and all the way back to RV tax deductions. In total, we spent 3 hours gabbing nonstop and making new friends.

The biggest piece of product feedback we took away is owners love meeting other owners and we’re glad we could help out! This is a unique business and no one knows it better than those who do the work every day.

Favorite quote from the evening: “I’m Outdoorsy user No. 79, beat that!”

If you snapped any pics, make sure to share them using the hashtags #OutdoorsyMeetups #NeverIdle — we’d love to see them.


Want to attend an Outdoorsy Meetup? We’re taking a year long road trip throughout the U.S. to meet as many of you as we can—we’ll bring the pizza and beers. Keep your eyes on your email and—if you haven’t already—join our Outdoorsy Facebook Owners Community to stay posted on new meetup location announcements.

What exactly are Outdoorsy Meetups? One entrepreneurial-fueled evening with the Outdoorsy owner community. Network with like minded RV owners, chat about best practices in the RV rental business, learn tips from the pros, and connect with Team Outdoorsy.

We can’t wait to see you at one of our future meetups!

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